June 16, 2024

Why a Dosa Maker Is an Essentiality for the Newlyweds?


South Indian food is probably the most time taking cuisine you can make and we have various equipment one uses in order to get those lovely soft and not so gooey idli. Even making dosas have become an easy to cook thing with the launch of Dosa Maker.  The dosa maker is supposed to make your cooking easy and quick, and it’s also multipurpose.

Dosa Maker has made it easier to cook dosa or chilla at home rather than going through a lot of unnecessary steps. So why choose a Dosa Maker instead of the traditional methods?


Dosa Maker is oil-free, which means you don’t really have to use the oil while making your dosa. This is the best option for couples who want to stay healthy but still have tasty food.  Plus oil-free means you don’t have to keep a roll of tissue right next to the appliance in order to clean your hands time and again.

Easy to Use:

This device is super easy to use. All that you have to do is keep the dosa maker over the batter and immediately flip it around to its original place. Once you are done with this, wait for the edges to change to a golden brown color. That’s it! It’s as easy as that. Perfectly cooked dosas are ready to be served. Being so easy to use, it’s the perfect option for newlyweds and new cooks. Dosa maker is also an ideal option for bachelors and those staying in a hostel.

Perfectly Round Dosa

What has every Indian mother ever worried about? It’s making the rotis and dosas round. Dosa maker does just that. It makes round dosa and is the reason for making all the mothers happy now. It works great for the newlyweds as well since you can now make yummy and perfectly round dosa with the help of the Dosa Maker and don’t tell anyone the secret.


This appliance is easy to clean and also because of its compact size, you won’t have any trouble storing it in your cupboard. So it’s no heavy duty stuff for you to do, as this just makes it easier for you to handle.

Cost Efficient

This appliance is just one-time expenditure and after this, you would just have to make the batter or buy the batter from the store. What’s better than this? You spend less money spent, but gain more from its benefits.

You must be pretty happy by now at how amazing Dosa Makers are and how user-friendly it can be, there are many good companies those are experimenting with the concept of Dosa Maker.  And some of the companies have been very successful in making some pretty good Makers, which has more options to choose from and it can be used for different purposes as well, like for making Chilla or Roti.

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