July 20, 2024

Why Dental Veneers Are So Expensive


Investing in veneers is undoubtedly a prestigious route to take to obtain the highly sought out goal of having straighter and whiter teeth. They can also help fix dental issues such as chipped, broken, and worn-down teeth. Though this may seem like a great product, which it is, veneers tend to run on the costly side.  Compared to typical dental fillings in Oklahoma, they can range from about $500 to $1,900 per tooth. It differs widely based on each individual patient’s needs. In addition, in some locations, such as Veneers in Los Angeles, these costs can run much higher, but in Oklahoma they are more affordable. For even more disappointing news, since veneers are considered a comedic procedure, many insurance companies will not cover these costs either.

As you can see, veneers have a high price tag that insurance generally does not help with. Though costly, there is a good reason for them being expensive. If you are wondering why, let’s start looking at the root causes for the uptick in dollar value.

How Veneers Are Created

One of the main reasons why veneers are expensive is because of the amount of effort it takes to create them and the materials used. There is a lot that goes into making custom veneers. In order to make a high-quality one, it must be produced with high-quality material. For instance, the porcelain used is the only material dentists use that have a slight translucent texture that resembles real teeth. It ensures that the veneer cannot be stained by any smoking, tea, coffee, or any other impactful elements.

Along with this, custom-fitting a porcelain veneer requires a fair amount of labor. There is no one size fits all. Since every veneer needs to be customized to meet the patient’s needs, the process of making them cannot be automatic to save money. It is a manual effort that consists of molding, fitting, and shading to get the perfect outcome. The labor time certainly impacts the overall cost.

Veneer Installation in OKC

Not only do Oklahoma City dentists have to make veneers for each patient, they also have to install them, which is another process that ends up on your bill. Dental implants are a very time-consuming and delegate endeavor, consisting of shaving or trimming your tooth down, fabrication, and then correctly shaping it to fit the patent’s mouth perfectly. This entire process contributes to the high cost of veneers.


Yes, Veneers are higher-end, pricey, and not exactly budget-friendly. However, for the value and benefit you get with these, it can be worth the investment. Not only do veneers protect your teeth from any further damages, they are also extremely strong and give that white and natural tooth appearance look. Before writing off this as not a feasible option for you, think about the pros and cons first and then decide if you should consider starting to save up. Remember, different locations and circumstances contribute to the cost. The price in Beverly Hills, California is going to be far more expensive than the price for veneers in Oklahoma City. Consult your dentist first to get an accurate quote that you can base your decision off of.

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