April 22, 2024

What Kind of Vape Pen Do I Need for Wax?


Many marijuana users are making the switch from smoking to vaping, especially with the recent advancements in vaporizer quality. If this is your first time to buy wax vape pens, you may be overwhelmed by the variety. Here are a few things to keep in mind on your search for the vaporizer that works for you.

What Kind of Atomizers Are Available?

The atomizer is arguably the most important part of a vape pen, as it contains the heat coils that melt the wax. There are a few different kinds available, including: 

  • Flat ceramic dish
  • Single or double coil wicked
  • Single, double or triple coil wickless with ceramic or quartz rods

Each of these types of atomizers excels in different areas.

Which Atomizer Produces the Best Flavor?

If you’re looking for a clean taste, the flat ceramic dish is your best bet. The wax never directly touches the heating coils, decreasing the risk of a burnt taste. This also allows for better conservation of wax, since it doesn’t get absorbed by a wick or caught on the metal coils. Just note that flat dishes burn slower, meaning the high takes longer.

Which Atomizer Has the Least Mess?

Wicked atomizers have coils wrapped around a fiber wick that absorbs the melted wax. This can be convenient for those who don’t want to reload between hits. These devices are also well-suited for thinner waxes and can be found in oil cartridges for vaporizers. The number of coils affects how fast the wax melts: the more coils, the faster the melt and the more intense the hit.

Which Atomizer Gives the Quickest High?

Wickless atomizers made with ceramic or quartz rods are incredibly stable at high temperatures, allowing you to get the strongest hit. They’re also available with triple titanium coils for those seeking the fastest route to a high.

With so many options on the market, you’re sure to find a vaporizer that suits your vaping style. Visit an online retailer to make the switch today.

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