June 15, 2024

Reasons To Avoid At-Home Denture Repair


Reasons To Avoid At-Home Denture Repair

Realizing that you are in need of a denture repair can be quite a pain. You rely on your false teeth every single day. This implies that one way or another, when your dentures have become damaged, urgent restoration is necessary for the continued performance of everyday activities such as smiling and eating properly. Lots of people around the world have attempted to fix their dentures at home for different reasons – only to cause more damage than they started with. This is why proper denture care is very much necessary, as properly cared-for replacement teeth are less likely to require frequent repairs.

In terms of how dentures need to be restored, the kind of dentures and the severity of the damage need to be considered. The most common reason for denture damage includes letting them dry out, dropping them, everyday stress from chewing, variations in temperature when consuming drinks or foods and finally, little changes within the mouth, including gum tissues and bone loss.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t try to fix your false teeth at home

1. Incorrect repairs put you at chance of bacteria growth and infections

Coupled with the increased risk of making your replacement teeth less comfortable to wear, an at home same day denture repair without the supervision of denture repair professional can multiply your risks of contracting infections or other serious oral health issues. Also, unsealed or incorrectly sealed chips or cracks in your false teeth can become an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, plaque, and infections.

2. Commercial superglue and adhesives are toxic

You can always be confident that materials used by health professionals or dentists are medical-grade and risk-free for ingestion or internal use in sensitive areas like your mouth. This is a different case when you buy glue or other adhesives from a shop to repair broken dentures yourself.

Undoubtedly, most ingredients used in the production of superglue are unsafe for ingestion, and many adhesive options available from stores or supermarkets contain toxic ingredients that can potentially harm you or cause illness.

3. Discomfort, pain and increased expenses

Ultimately, the greatest reason to avoid at-home repair for your dentures is that it usually exacerbates the problem. With respect to comfort, allowing chipped or sharp-edged dentures to remain in your mouth can be very uncomfortable and can possibly cause damage if it scratches your oral cavity or gums. Toxic poisoning or bacterial infections, as mentioned above, require immediate medical attention and, in severe situations, can be fatal. All of these problematic instances will leave you spending additional time and money at your dentist, repairing dentures yourself is never worth the risk.


Irrespective of how small the damage to your dentures may seem, the only way to be certain that they have been safely repaired is to see your dentist. Do not put off or overlook giving your prosthodontist a call or visit even if the issue seems insignificant, as it can deteriorate over time and cause long-term, serious, or costly damages.

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