May 20, 2024

How Does Face Thread Lifting Work On V-Shaped Face?


How Does Face Thread Lifting Work On V-Shaped Face

At this time of the year, the process of thread lifting has become the most popular treatment in the business. It is considered one of the powerful treatments for skin tightening and lightening effects. The process works well on the chin, neck, and face as they are a great way of lightening and tightening the skin in these areas.

This treatment gives you a youthful look in an easy way and makes you look younger. It not only treats sagging skin but also fulfills the desire of people who wants to get a V-shaped face.

What is a face thread lift?

Face thread lifting is a non-surgical process that uses thread-like structures and gets the effect of lifting on the skin in different parts of the face like the neck, chin, and face. Doctors do not remove the loose skin during the face thread lift. The procedure requires stitches to be done on the face in a few places.

The skin is pulled back slightly and tightens and lifts as a result of the procedure. Thread lift is the best way to get rid of the aging signs as they appear with growing age. This process triggers the production of natural collagen in a few areas, which gives you youthful skin and younger-looking skin.

The hourglass clinic is one of the trusted places where you can get your thread-lifting V shape face (ร้อยไหม หน้าวีเชฟ, term in Thai). You just need to go make an appointment and get the consultation done. The doctors understand what you want to work on and then the procedure is decided according to your needs. The consultation is done free of charge. It is the best clinic in Bangkok.

How did thread lifting work?

There are three different types of threads that are used in this process and get the lighting effect on the skin, it has wide use of PDO thread. There are three different types of PDO thread that are used in the procedure of Face Threading Lift. Cog Thread, Mono Thread, and Screw Thread.

Mono threads

They do not have any barbs and are very smooth threads. These threads are anchored on the face or scalp of the patient. This thread is used for tightening the skin and volumizing it. This is a very subtle way to get a lifting effect.

Cog thread

They have barbs in them, these threads are hooked on the skin of the patient. It gives support and lifts the skin in case you have sagging skin tissue. This thread is adhered to the skin like Velcro and allows the skin to reposition and enhance the old contours.

Screw Thread

They have 1-2 threads that are intertwined together around the needle and is great to restore the volume and improve the deep creases that appear on the face. This also improves the texture and elasticity of the skin.

The results hindmost around 18 to 24 months. If you are planning to get younger-looking skin then this is the best recommendation you would get. So do give it a try and look flawless.

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