May 20, 2024

Questions about root canal that you should ask the experts 


Root canal is an important dental surgical procedure aimed at preserving infected, decaying or a decayed tooth. It involves a lot of cleaning deep into the roots of an infected tooth which can trouble veins and surrounding gums which will cause a bit of pain in the affected region for a few days. But you can easily get rid of pain just by following the root canal recovery tips by the dentist.

Root canal surgeries are painful and aren’t there any way to avoid?

If left untreated, the decayed tooth may affect the jaw bones resulting in that area being constantly in pain and also emitting puss so it’s better to get proper treatment at the right time.

What is the procedure and why is it so time taking?

To start with the treatment, the affected person will be given antibiotics to reduce the pain and infection, and after 3 to 4 days of initial checkup the doctor will start to clean the infected tooth and the patient might be given local anesthesia to reduce the pain during the process, after cleaning the affected tooth, the area is filled with dental material to seal off the opening and it prevents getting infected. Hence, it is a bit time taking.

Is it necessary to use dental crowns after the procedure? Isn’t there any other option?

Well, at the moment dental field doesn’t have a replacement to it and it very important to get dental crowns after surgery because it protects the newly cured tooth from direct exposure so that it doesn’t decay. Although there are a lot of options like gold crowns, silver crowns, and even some resin and ceramic blend which looks like the real tooth, you can ask your dentist for more options and pricing of different types of crowns.

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