June 15, 2024

How To Properly Recognize and Address Tooth Filling Leaks


Said to be a simplest dental treatment that you can get, dental fillings have actually been around for the longest time. A dentist Reston can help you with the issues that you have with your tooth filling especially if it’s leaking or if it has fallen out. However, you should always be ahead of anything that goes with your health, so knowing when your dental filling might fail is good as well.

Diagnosing a Leaky Dental Filling

If you have gone through a routine dental checkup and your dentist tells you that you have leaky fillings, then this means that your filling is already allowing decay to go within it. This is a time-sensitive issue since letting it decay for a prolonged time may cause worst issues to your dental health. When you have leaky fillings, it’s sometimes not possible to figure it out at first.

There are no obvious signs of leaky fillings unless you have something to really look into your dental fillings. If you don’t have the equipment to check whether you have leaky fillings, then there are simpler ways to do it if you have a suspicion that you have one. The easiest and possibly most common way that people check is by poking around the area and feel if it’s sticky.

When the area or the tooth itself feels sticky, then that means that you have a leaky filling. You should try to see if there’s a corrosion or if there’s an opening around the margins of the fillings. This will give you an idea of how functional the filling still is. It may be tough to do this if you have white fillings that are bonded to your tooth, so it’s always better to get checked by a dentist Reston.

Causes of Leaky Dental Filling

There are a variety of causes of a leaky dental filling. Knowing how you can damage a dental filling is used to make sure that you can address the issue early on. Here are some things that often cause damage to dental fillings:

Biting too hard on something and cracking the large filling in the middle

An accumulation of bacteria damaging the filling over time

Teeth grinding, aware and unaware, that might’ve caused the filling to break

Replacing a Leaky Dental FIlling

Even if you don’t feel any pain when your dental filling is leaking, you should still go ahead and get it replaced. There are a lot of complications that could arise later on if you leave your dental filling decaying for a prolonged time. This could lead to dental procedures that might be needed when they weren’t required if you had replaced your leaky dental filling earlier.

When you’ve already noticed signs of decay and leakage with your dental fillings, it’s always wise to get it checked to make sure that it still has time left. This can give you time to prepare and possibly get your schedules in order to give way for an appointment to handle the dental filling replacement.
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