June 14, 2024

What to look for when purchasing vitamin C serums?


Vitamin C serums are hype in the market these days and it is just because of the results that they offer to the skin and the overall beauty of the individual. Vitamin C that is available in plenty in citrus fruits is known for its anti-oxidant properties and hence it is considered as beneficial for the skin. Not only it works to fight against the damages done to the skin by the sun and free radicals, it also prevents the signs of aging. To provide the people with the best vitamin C serums, several manufacturers have come up but it is you who needs to do the research and get the best serum that is effective for their skin tone. If you use it regularly, you can see the difference in your skin in the form of reduction of dark spots, fine lines reduce, acne gets reduced to a great deal etc.

Get the formulation as per your skin type to get the best benefits

Everyone has a different skin type and to get the best benefits, it is essential to get the serum that is specially formulated for your skin type.

  • Oil or water-based – For the sensitive and oily skin types, water-based serums are considered as the best while the dry skin beauties can go for the oil-based serums. The water-based ones get absorbed easily and offer easy application. However, of the both, the water one is more prone to oxidation.
  • Other ingredients – Checking the ingredient list is essential to know if there is a presence of any ingredient to which you are allergic. The additional ingredients might be Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid etc. both these ingredients are most beneficial for the skin.

Also, check out the pH level of the serum before using it on your skin. The preferred pH value is 3.5.

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