May 20, 2024

How To Control Blood Pressure Using Natural Ways?


When it comes to blood pressure control many of us would resort to blood pressure medication. It is a small pill placed under the tongue to bring the blood pressure to a healthy level. However, medication is not the only way to control high blood pressure. There are a lot more and some of them can be done the natural way. The following are the proven effective way to control blood pressure naturally:

Maintain a healthy weight

If your weight is more than the normal, it could put you at risk for a variety of diseases including a high blood pressure. To control your blood pressure, you need to maintain a healthy weight.

Exercise regularly

A healthy lifestyle such as simple exercise done on a regular basis can keep your blood pressure in the healthy level. It can also prevent other diseases. A simple walking for about 15 minutes three times a week can be beneficial for your health.

Watch what you eat

Your blood pressure is dependent on the types of foods you eat. If you have hypertension, then you must avoid foods that can trigger the spike in your blood pressure such as saturated fat, cholesterol, processed foods, alcoholic beverages, and caffeinated drinks. Focus more on eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish.

Breathing exercise

There are breathing exercises to control high blood pressureOne of which is deep breathing. It is not just a relaxing thing to do but is also proven effective in naturally controlling blood pressure. As a matter of fact, there is a breathing device specially designed to lower the blood pressure. It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration and the purpose of the breathing device is to keep the breathing to at least ten per minute and to facilitate longer exhalation. It acts the same way as the pill when it comes to lowering the blood pressure but unlike the blood pressure pill, breathing exercises are cheap, natural, safe, and effective.

It is easy to just rely on blood pressure drug if your blood pressure spikes but if you don’t have the pill know that you can rely on natural remedies such as diet and effective breathing exercises.

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