June 20, 2024

Shilajit Resin- A true blessing of Himalayas


Shilajit is a resin-like substance and is used in several Ayurvedic medicine as well as an important component in several different medicines. Another name for Shilajit is mineral pitch, asphaltum, girijj. The resin is slimy and slow. The color of the Shilajit resin is pale to blackish brown.  The shilajit resin is water soluble and have high consistency.

It is most commonly found in some regions of Himalayas like in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and before it is used in the medicines, it undergoes a complete process of purification. Purified shilajit. consists of several constituents like humic acid, fulvic acid, hippuric acid, uronic acid, certain amino acids etc. This resin is used in several medicines for treating several diseases i.e., from pain in arthritis to sexual dysfunction. This resin is used in the treatment of several inflammatory diseases like arthritis, gout, rheumatism, back pain but only due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The shilajit resin helps in strengthening the nervous system, getting rid of mental diseases like stress, depression and epilepsy.

Here are some important points which will guide the best use of Shilajit-

Better learning –

It helps in enhancing the overall intelligence, increase concentration and better learning skills.

Stomach problems –

It is used in treating several stomach related diseases like indigestion, stomach pain, constipation. It is considered the best remedy for piles.

Blood pressure –

It helps in treating various in treating the diseases related to blood pressure. It has the strong ability to control blood pressure.

Immune system functioning –

It helps in strengthening the immune system and purifies the blood due to its anti-microbial properties.

Breathing issues –

It is considered as the effective remedy in treating the diseases like asthma.

Urinary tract problems –

It is considered as the wonderful remedy in treating the issues like burning micturition and dysuria.

Diabetes –

It helps in maintaining the normal levels of glucose in the blood and also helps in metabolising the glucose.

Kidney issues –

It is believed to be the effective remedy in treating the kidney stones and also enhances the functioning of kidneys.

This resin is also known as Indian Viagra because it regulates the sex hormones and also raises the sperm count.

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