June 16, 2024

HIV/AIDS And What You Can Do About It?


Human immune virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome is one of the growing medical condition today. There is no cure for it although supportive care and management are given to the patient. The number of people with HIV/AIDS continues to increase not only in the United States but in other parts of the world. As a matter of fact, the incident of HIV/AIDS is higher in the younger population.

What is HIV/AIDS?

It is a sexually transmitted disease which means that you can acquire it through unsafe sexual intercourse. A person containing the virus can transmit it to others through sexual intercourse of blood contact. If you are exposed to a blood with HIV/AIDS, then there is a tendency that you will have the infection too such as sharing the needles and blood transfusion. Unfortunately, once you have the virus, you will carry it with you for the rest of your life.

You can transmit the infection to others but more than anything else, your immune system gets weak. This means that you will be susceptible to all types of infection. So, people with HIV/AIDS should be extremely cautious with their health. People with HIV/AIDS die because of complications. Aside from it, there is also a stigma in people with AIDS. So, people with AIDS tend to hide their condition. They don’t want others to know that they are infected. Some of them get depressed and turn to suicide.

If you have AIDS, know that help is available. There are support groups out there and they can make you understand your condition. Dr. Gail Barouh is one of the people who raise awareness about AIDS and other diseases. If you feel alone, helpless, and hopeless, then don’t be. Know that help is available. You just need to understand the nature of your disease, how you can prevent the spread of infection, and how to protect yourself from infection.

Feel free to contact Dr. Gail Barouh and support group, which consists of people who are living with HIV/AIDS. They can be your source of strength and inspiration. You will be able to learn from them and at the same time learn more about your condition.

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