June 16, 2024

Health Screening For Men And Women: 4 Reasons Why Biological Sex Is Crucial


There is no doubt that men and women are equal. However, when it comes to genetics and other physical traits, there is no such thing as being similar because of their differences. You will observe diseases that are exclusive to men because of their genetic makeup or the other way around. With this, looking for a specialised health screening for men or women is essential for adults. Let us explore the reasons biological sex plays a crucial role:


Diseases might seem identical on the surface, but symptoms and other manifestations are the same for both men and women. You might also observe that doctors provide the same treatment for them, but people overlook one thing: The effects! For example, alcohol addiction sometimes causes severe diseases in women, such as breast cancer, which is exclusive to them. So, women should do a health screening that touches these things because they are serious.


Men and women have different sexually-transmitted diseases and infections because of their organs. One advantage of doing a health screening focusing on men and women is examining these things. You can expect the doctor to give you the appropriate medication or prevention tips alongside other related matters. The doctor can also determine things based on your biological sex. (Tip: Maintain your sexual health by including it in your routine check-ups. Doctors are there to help and not judge you.)


Biological sex sometimes determines the lifestyle of people. You will hear research and other studies that indicate men are prone to having a more irresponsible diet than women. Another example is when women are deemed less active than men because of the latter’s inclination towards sports. With this, consider sex when looking for a full body checkup because the doctor uses these pieces of information to assess your health.


There are male and female-exclusive diseases that most people should consider. One example is patterned baldness, which only occurs in males. They experience this because of their genetic makeup. On the other hand, cervical and ovarian cancer only happens to women for obvious reasons. Here, men and women need a health screening that focuses on biological sex because some things about their health are controlled by this.

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