July 24, 2024

What Every Woman Should Know About Breast Cancer Screening In Singapore


October may be breast cancer awareness month, which means many women are getting a female health screening package in Singapore and having their busts checked. However, every woman should make it a habit to have breast cancer screening all year round, no matter what your family history, age, or whether you have symptoms or not.

Unfortunately, the particular cause of breast cancer remains unidentified, according to the US National Cancer Institute. However, some risk factors for breast cancer can increase the risks of breast cancer, including alcohol drinkers, genes, or early menstrual period. Whether or not you have these, getting breast cancer screening in Singapore is crucial.

Read on to discover the three different breast cancer screening approaches in Singapore.


Being informed about breast disease is critical, especially for women. According to the Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology’s study, only 54{9e10ba87dab0a432cd9eae636b86c21e99d69d70531e449c53b92752950f8cde} of women get breast cancer screening in Singapore. Some common reasons are lack of time, not noticeable symptoms, unaware of the process, unaware of the importance, or being afraid to get tested.

It is crucial to get breast cancer screening in Singapore every month. If you feel sudden changes on and around your busts, immediately consult an oncologist and report your symptoms.


A mammogram screening in Singapore is also another way to determine whether or not you have breast cancer. This screening method is similar to an x-ray but shows a picture of tissues inside your breasts. Oncologists prefer mammogram screenings, as this can usually discover the chances of breast cancer and lumps without any warning signs. This screening type can show tiny calcium particles and precancerous cells.


Besides a mammogram screening in Singapore, an oncologist can also perform a biopsy to verify whether cancer cells exist in your breast or not. This procedure will remove some tissues on your chest to detect the presence of cancer cells. According to the US National Cancer Institute, a biopsy is the most guaranteed way to determine breast cancer among self-examination, MRI, ultrasound, and mammogram screening.

If the breast cancer screening diagnosis in Singapore reveals cancer cells are present, you need to seek immediate treatment from an oncologist. Some medication options for curing breast cancer are hormone therapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery, which can either be breast-sparing surgery or mastectomy, depending on the severity of the case.

Getting regular executive health screening tests in Singapore can lead to a better, longer being. Let Thomson Wellth Clinic help you achieve a healthier life. Visit their site to check their screening services.

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