April 22, 2024

There are plenty of causes that lead to erectile dysfunction. You cannot point to one condition and blame it when you have other potential causes that can contribute to this condition. Men suffer from emotional problems as well, just like the females but are not supposed to talk about them in the open. Ignoring these themes do not take them out of the equation; it just keeps on building at the bottom until it starts showing up in different areas of a man’s life. Repressed emotions and thoughts are one of the big reasons why men feel depressed and sad.  These unexpressed emotions take a toll on the man, and he starts to avoid taking part in different activities. Slowly and eventually, all this affects his sexual life and hampers his relationship, so Purchase Cialis Pills.

Several reasons for ED

Diabetes also contributes to Erectile dysfunction. When a man has a bad diet, it shows up in his health and diabetes is a significant contributor to erectile dysfunction. Hypertensions take away the thrill out of any given moment. Men live a stressful life and have lots of worries to take care of; due to this, they quickly develop stress. Majority of this stress comes from the job and facing the deadlines. Not to mention, the home environment is a significant factor in deciding how peaceful a man feels at his core. Stress releases a hormone called cortisol, and this is responsible for sluggish performance and lack of interest in routine activities. Injuries can cause erectile dysfunction if you have been indulging in the sexual acts often then, this will be the most likely outcome. The younger men are likely to suffer injuries from overly done sexual acts, purchase cialis pills.

Bad lifestyle and age

The damage from surgeries and accidents are capable of giving a man a complex erectile dysfunction. The anxiety suffered by younger men is another big reason as to why this condition occurs in their age group. Another infamous cause of erectile dysfunction is the use of drugs. It is prevalent among youth. The drugs such as cocaine are known to destroy living tissue and turn it into a dead rotting piece of flesh. Lately, there was a case of a man from the Dominican Republic who suffered the amputation of his genitals. It was due to the damage he had done by taking drugs not considered safe for continued use.

Men with age lose sexual desire, and sexual activity starts to dip each year. Old age takes out libido and is known to be a natural cause for erectile dysfunction. Smoking might seem harmless, but it is known to be a contributing factor towards ED. Smoking damages the cells and interferes with proper blood circulation, required for a healthy erection. Men who smoke often complain of erectile dysfunction in their later years. Being overweight is another reason as to why fat men have erectile dysfunction. Eating a poor diet is an apparent reason for ED as it does not support proper or adequate blood circulation.  It also impacts blood production and hence adds to the erectile dysfunction condition.

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