May 20, 2024

Healing foods used in Chinese herbal medicine


When it is the matter of Chinese medicine, one of the most common thought in our minds is acupuncture. But do you know that herbs play an important role in Chinese medicine? Even after knowing too much, we usually cornerstone the herbs in Chinese medicine. Different herbs and herbal extracts have different effects on the human body. Rather than herbs, food also plays an important role in Chinese medicine. A lot of people are getting treated with Chinese herbal medicine. Let us know more about the foods that have healing properties so that you can include them in your diet and enjoy the health.


It can be found in all the kitchens. Ginger can be used in the morning and it can cure the problem of an upset stomach. You can also enjoy the ginger tea so to enjoy the benefits.


It is the food which is being used in most of the formulations of Chinese herbal medicine. It is the richest source of omega 3 fatty acids. Walnuts act as a moisturizer for the intestines and make the digestion easier. As a result, it also prevents the problem of constipation. As per Chinese herbal medicine, it acts as a tonic for healthy kidneys.


It is the food item which is most commonly found in the summer season. Basically, it is a fruit and has the power to beat the heat. From past several years, people are suffering from a problem known as the summer heat and it can be best cured with the watermelon. In several medicines like Hua Laksiam, it is used. If you can’t find the watermelon in the off-season, you can use the Hua Laksiam. People have a question in their mind that is “Hua Laksiam” really effective [ฮั้วลักเซียมดีจริงไหม, which are the term in Thai]? Once use it and you will know the benefits on your own.


This food product is of warm nature but it has wonderful effects on the human body. It helps in losing the extra weight from the body. It helps in treating the pains, aches, cold and flu.

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