July 24, 2024

Brief Information on Common and Uncommon Reasons for Hair Loss


Hair loss and thinning of hair would be common in women as well. It would be no less demoralizing for women too. Reasons could range from simple and temporary inclusive of vitamin deficiency to relatively more complex such as an underlying health condition.

In a majority of cases, there have been several ways of treating both male and female hair loss needs. A common option would be to look for hair loss shampoo. The treatment would depend on the cause. There have been several common and not-so-common reasons that you may make you undergo the trauma of seeing less hair on the head.

Various causes of hair loss

Find below various causes of hair loss in people.

Physical Stress

Severe illness, car accident, or any kind of physical trauma could cause temporary hair loss. It could trigger a type of hair loss known as telogen effluvium. The programme life cycle of hair would be inclusive of a growth phase, resting phase, and shedding phase. In event of you having a stressful event, the hair cycle may not be able to bear the shock and starts shedding more hair.

Male Pattern Baldness

Almost two out of three men tend to experience hair loss by the age of 60. The major reason would be male pattern baldness. Such kind of hair loss that is caused due to male sex hormones and genes tends to follow a typical pattern. The hair starts to recede at the temples making it appear an M-shaped hairline. Most people would be using the best hair growth shampoo for treating their hair loss problems.


Nearly one in ten women aging between 20 to 49 years tends to suffer from anemia. Iron deficiency could be the most common cause of hair loss. You should consult the doctor to conduct a blood test in order to determine exactly if you have such kind of anemia.

Protein and Vitamin Deficiency

Lack of taking protein and vitamin B in your diet would be another cause of hair loss.

There may be several other reasons associated with hair loss such as heredity, autoimmune-related hair loss, emotional stress, excessive weight loss, and more. As a result, people make use of hair loss shampoo to rectify the condition.

Among the several hair loss treatments available with you, it would be in your best interest to look for Hair Restore Shampoo for promoting hair health, reversing hair loss, and growing thicker hair. The Hair Restoration Laboratories have developed the best hair growth shampoo suitable for your needs.

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