April 13, 2024

There are many causes of hair loss in millions of men and women worldwide, including hormonal imbalance, genetics, nutritional imbalance, and ageing. Hair loss does not pose a severe threat to human health but may cause insecurities. If you are shedding more than 100 hairs in a day, then you are suffering from excessive hair loss, which may result in alopecia or a patchy loss of hair over the scalp or areas with hair in your body. Read on to have more precise information on this topic.

Best hair loss treatment in Singapore

Based on some studies, Singapore houses over 3.8% of hair loss patients. Chances are that this number will plummet due to the ageing population within this country. Hence, it is no news that in Singapore, hair loss has become a massive problem over the years, which has caused people to feel insecure and less attractive about themselves. This problem requires a solution, and only the best hair loss treatment can solve it. This is why we researched an easy and effective way for Singaporeans to help them solve their hair loss problems without much stress.

Hair loss is an increasing problem in Singapore and requires an effective solution. And this is why Two Herbs is the best option for treating hair loss problems. It is 100% effective, chemical-free and very affordable. Two herbs is an excellent go-to option for Singaporeans to solve their hair loss problems without spending much time researching online or giving up after one failed attempt.

Two Herbs were carefully handpicked and prepared to treat hair loss in both women and men. There have been so many positive reviews on Two herbs in the market, which has proven that they are tested, trusted, and effective.

Two Herbs Ingredients and Its Origin

The Two Herbs is an herbal hair loss treatment company in Singapore that has been in existence since 2004. It was founded by trichologist Riff Lim Kian Hong and has been offering treatments for hair loss problems at a very affordable price. This hair loss treatment combined two distinct herbs, the Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs. These herbs were concocted, cooked, and brewed for long hours so that they could easily be absorbed by your scalps. Also, Two Herbs products contain 9 different ingredients that have been clinically tested to be very effective in hair loss treatments; these include;

Ingredients Description
Neem The neem herb is a natural herb with a regenerative property that helps promote hair follicle growth. It is also an inflammatory, antimicrobial agent that helps reduce scalp redness and symptoms associated with dandruff.
Korean Red Ginseng This herb encourages scalp hair growth by boosting blood circulation to the hair follicles.
Amla Amla has the function of strengthening the roots of the hair, thereby preventing hair loss problems. It can also be used to combat scalp irritation and dandruff.
Bhringraj Bhringraj means “king of hair”.This is a common herb in India, also known as ‘false daisy’. It helps hair growth and prevents premature greying of hair.
Ginseng This is a nutritious herb that helps boost overall blood circulation and gives nutrients and strength to the scalp, follicle, and root of the hair being treated.
Brami Brahmi promotes healthy hair growth and hair roots due to the antioxidant nutrients it contains.
Dang Gui Also known as Angelica Sinensis, it contains phytoestrogens, which hinder the emergence of DHT, a dangerous cause of hair loss. This herb is essential in reducing hair loss and restoring hair growth.

Old Ginger

Old ginger can restore and promote hair follicles and hair growth by stimulating blood flow to the scalp.
He shou wu It is used to treat grey hair problems by using its natural colouring effect on grey hair, and it also prevents hair loss.

Key benefits of Two herbs

  • Scalp cleansing
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Strengthen hair follicles
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces scalp redness and irritation
  • Reduces hair fall
  • Gives nutrients to the scalp

Foods to avoid when treating hair loss

The kind of foods you consume determines the efficacy of any solution you seek for your hair loss. So Two Herbs suggests that you avoid some foods as a very first step in ensuring hair regrowth. They are as follows:

  • Sugar

Proper blood circulation is essential for hair survival. It secures all the nutrients it needs to revitalise and grow. Sugar takes all this from you.

Excessive consumption can increase your sugar levels and block blood flow. Then, you end up with weak and unhealthy hair strands. Foods that contain sugar include cakes, candies, cookies and some carbonated drinks.

  • Oily foods

Excessive eating of oily foods can have unpleasant consequences on your hair. Your scalp becomes too greasy, and the greasiness will hamper the natural growth process.

Meanwhile, we recommend that you set up a regular hair cleansing routine to maintain voluminous hair. Two Herbs’ hair loss shampoo can wash your hair and scalp thoroughly. Greasy foods include potato fries, burgers, pizzas and many others.

  • Alcohol

The consumption of alcohol may not downsize your hair directly. However, heavy drinking triggers conditions like nutritional deficiencies or hormonal imbalances.

Alcohol disrupts how the body processes and utilises food during the digestion process. This can deprive you of iron, zinc and copper. According to a report, low levels of zinc, iron and copper in the body contribute significantly to hair loss.

  • Food Additives

Some food supplements may harm your hair. They include ammonia and caustic soda. You’ll find most of these additives in fruit drinks and foods. These chemicals will not only induce hair fall, but can also elicit chronic allergic reactions. So assess your food’s label carefully for these ingredients before eating it.

  • Swordfish

Swordfish is highly beneficial for your hair because of its proteinous properties. However, it comes with a nutrient that impedes hair growth. Mercury. But it’s counterproductive. Once mercury interacts with zinc, you’ll lose many hair strands.

  • Dairy foods

Dairy proteins have a track record for hair quality. However, their fatty properties can increase testosterone levels in the body. High concentrations of testosterone can lead to hair breakage and worsen other hair issues, like dandruff.

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