April 23, 2024

5 Tips on Dealing with Ageing Skin


If there is one thing that a woman dreads the most as she grows older, it is her skin aging and getting wrinkly, giving away her age. Skincare is a tricky matter since our skin is always exposed to damage from environmental and lifestyle factors. Ideally, you should start taking measures to take care of your skin from as early as your 20s with the tips below.

Wear Sunscreen Correctly

It is one thing to know that you need to apply sunscreen, but another thing altogether to use it in the right amount and frequency.

All it takes to start protecting your skin from the sun’s UV ray damage is to wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, every day before you head out. You will need to reapply your sunscreen every one to three hours depending on your activities for that day.

You will need to apply sunscreen on your face, your neck and any other places that are not protected by your clothes.

Start Exfoliating Weekly

Your skin will shed dead cells routinely, creating a new layer every month. As we age, it takes longer to shed the dead cells, giving our skin a dull complexion.

Exfoliate your skin by using a facial scrub with spherical particles, which will be less irritating on your face. When you exfoliate weekly, you are helping your skin to remove the dead skin layer buildup, giving your face a brighter-looking complexion.

Where possible, choose an exfoliator that uses natural ingredients such as rice grains instead of microbeads – it is also more environmentally friendly!

Treat Early Skin Damage

Skin damage from sun, acne scars and subtle skin abrasions can be treated with laser skin treatments.

Think of laser treatments like a facial treatment, but with faster and permanent effects. A few laser treatment sessions could be all you need to get rid of those acne scars from your teenage years.

If you are already taking measures to maintain a youthful skin complexion, then a laser skin treatment will be a perfect add-on that will benefit your skin.

Moisturise After Showers

The skin on our face gets dry quickly. Cold weather and dehydration can easily lead to even more dry skin damage.

Moisturizers are designed to help retain moisture in our skin, but it is even more effective if it is applied immediately after a shower. Optimally, you should take a short shower and keep the moisturiser in your bathroom so that you can use it directly after having one.

When your skin absorbs the moisturizer, you will notice that it appears fuller and softer. That is the sign of your skin being sufficiently hydrated!

Take Care of your Diet

Certain food types can change your skin complexion and quality. As an example, alcohol dehydrates your skin, and sugary food breaks down components in your skin.

Eat foods with more Vitamin C, antioxidants and proteins instead to keep your skin appearing youthful with sufficient collagen production. As an example, fish, lean meat and chickpeas are great ingredients for your skin’s health.

Take good care of your body with a healthy diet, and it will thank you back with a healthy complexion!

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