May 18, 2024

Pest Infestation can affect your Family’s Health


Exercising regularly, purchasing organic food, meditation, and other healthy practices are considered the staples in healthy living and overall well being. Unfortunately, not every property owner can associate their house as a space that can harbor mosquitoes, cockroaches, bed bugs, and other crawly crawlies.

For example, most people connect the term ‘pest’ to various thoughts of creepy and annoying. However, in reality, many pests are much more than an irritation or unsightly. They are a direct and indirect threat to you and your household’s health and wellbeing. Remember, pests such as rats, fleas, and mosquitoes are a vector for diseases. This is the reason, as Rove Pest Control asserts, you should contact a pest control expert whenever you notice a bug or suspect there are bugs in your home.

Here are some of the common pests and the threats they pose to your home and family.


If you are not an entomologist, you probably still think that these insects are gross, definitely hideous and creepy. In addition to their gross factor, cockroaches can be a significant health risk to you and your loved ones.

According to experts, cockroaches multiply very quickly, and that means once they have invaded your home, it will take them a very short time to multiply into hundreds or even thousands. This will make it challenging for any homeowner to exterminate them.

These bugs shed off their skin and leave droppings nearly anywhere. These can become airborne allergens and can affect people battling with health conditions such as asthma. The particles can also result in respiratory issues for kids. Cockroaches can fit in small cracks and crevices. This means that they can continue to contaminate different surfaces within your home.


Generally, mosquitoes are annoying. You are probably aware that these insects can transmit diseases. In recent years, medical experts have associated mosquitoes with some severe illnesses such as Zika Virus. Besides, these insects suck human blood and cause discomfort. No one wants to live in a mosquito-infested home or neighborhood.


Most people don’t associate rodents with severe health risks. They view them as cute and according to some people, having these creepy animals in their homes is like a special way of life. However, the reality is that these beady-eyed critters carry about 35 diseases!

Yes… you heard that right.

These diseases may be transmitted via contaminated food, bites, and even inhaling pathogens from their droppings and urine. Do you still think that rodents are cute and can spend some time in your home? Contact an expert as soon as you spot them.

Bed bugs

Well, bed bugs don’t transmit diseases to people. So, how did they make their way into this list? These bugs can result in sleepless nights and endless itching. In worst cases, they can cause social isolation, depression and insomnia.

No pest infestation is desirable. Pests cause diseases, discomfort and are unsightly. The moment you suspect your property has been invaded by pests, call an expert.

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