July 18, 2024

5 cosmetic treatments on the rise for men


The days of men watching on the sidelines as women get cosmetic treatments are over. According to the BBC, almost 50{0f06621096951f9dc163056155f07a521f5203f52e6b53917fd291a1b5b72857} of men claim they would be willing to undergo a procedure. Here are five of the most common cosmetic treatments that men are considering.

FUE Hair transplant

Not many things scare men as much as losing their hair, especially when still at a relatively young age. This is why more and more men are seeking an FUE hair transplant to help them turn back the tide and regain their youthful looks. The procedure involves harvesting hair from the unaffected areas of the head, typically this will be the back or sides. The removed hair follicles are then transplanted onto the bald areas to kick start the re-growth of new hair. The results come very quickly, and there aren’t any noticeable side effects.


Another popular option for men, the procedure involves surgically getting rid of excess fat in targeted areas of the body. Going to the gym won’t help you lose weight in one particular spot, which is why men are considering liposuction to do exactly that. It takes about two weeks to recover, and there are no side effects if correctly done. However, it isn’t a good option for those who are obese or overweight as they might lose too much fat which could be unhealthy.


Some men are increasingly deciding to change the size and shape of their noses. It could be that you were born with a small defect on your nose, or you don’t like the way it looks. A surgeon can work on it, but it is important to understand that it can be risky, and can severely affect your breathing. It should cost you around £5000 to £7000, according to the NHS.


Unlike in the past, men are now more cautious about how old they are perceived to be. Indeed, some think that looking youthful will give them an advantage in the job market. That is why many have turned to Botox treatments. The injections aren’t a long-term solution, but they will help smooth out wrinkles.


Some men are also considering surgery to their drooping eyelids, which can make them seem aged and constantly tired. By having excess skin known as eye bags removed and/or tightened, the appearance is rejuvenated and refreshed. This is a surgical operation that requires eliminating excess tissue on either the upper or lower eyelid. It takes at least two weeks to heal.

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