April 22, 2024

Understanding The Basics And Different Tinnitus Treatment


Tinnitus is usually caused due to prolonged exposure to loud sounds. You feel like the sound is constantly ringing in your ear which is not only annoying but may cause severe other issues as well such as noise-induced hearing loss. However, there is specific tinnitus treatment that may prevent the permanent damage to the cochlea, a sound sensitive spiral shaped organ in the inner ear. Usual sufferers of tinnitus are pilots, carpenters, rock musicians, landscapers and street repair workers. People who work with guns, chainsaws and any other loud sound emitting devices may also suffer from this disease even due to a single exposure.

The Common Treatments For Tinnitus

If you suffer from tinnitus symptom the first step is to treat the conditions with medications or even non-medical options. If the symptom persists, then the doctor may suggest several other treatment options including surgery. You may also be referred by your doctor to a support group of a counselor if you have difficulty coping up with the tinnitus symptoms. Sometimes the cause of tinnitus may be due to excessive accumulation of earwax inside. In such cases, the doctor will use a suction method to clear out the wax from your ears. A small curved instrument is used for this purpose called the curette.

Other Treatment Options

Sometimes warm water is also used to flush out the stubborn wax from your ears. If you have any infection in your ears then specific ear drops may be prescribed by the doctor. These ear drops contain hydrocortisone that helps in providing relief from the constant itching. It also contains antibiotics to reduce the infection inside your ears. In rare cases when there is a tumor or calcium deposit in ear bone inside a surgery may be performed by the doctor. For TMJ syndrome you will be referred to an orthodontist.

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