April 22, 2024

Types of humidifier you must know


With the lower percentage of fresh air in the environment, crave for the humidifier is rising. People are rarely getting fresh air to breathe when they are stepping out of their home and for the worse; they are being affected by breathing diseases like asthma and allergies. Not only is this but sinuses also becoming common. All these are adding up to the importance of having a humidifier at home.

A humidifier helps in making the air of home moist by releasing small particles of water into it. Also, the fact that it is helping in relieving the pain and irritation that are caused by sinus making people go for it even more. So, if you are thinking of getting a humidifier for your home for a humidifier for sinusitis, you must know the types in the first place.

Here we are sharing 4 main types of humidifier available in the market.

1. Warm Mist Humidifier

Warm mist humidifiers are a perfect choice for the ones having a small home as they only can cover a small area. They moist they produce are warmer and cleaner when it comes to other types, but it often needs cleaning and requires electricity to work. It helps in treating flu and cold apart from providing relief in the sinus.

2. Cool Mist Humidifier

Cool mist humidifiers are a great choice when you have a larger home as they work effectively in larger areas. They produce an invisible mist in the air and use a filter that catches impurities in the environment. Many often say that cool mist humidifier is best when you want to breathe in a much open area. It often needs maintenance to work for a longer period.

3. Whole House Humidifier

A whole house humidifier is actually an evaporative unit that is attached directly to air dust units of your home. Then the HVAC system gets activated and some of the air gets converted into the humidifier and released after being into the contact of water pad. It is best for larger homes with many rooms.

4. Ultrasonic Humidifier

This is one of the most advanced forms of the humidifier. It uses a metal diaphragm at an ultrasonic frequency. Instead of releasing small water particles, it creates water droplets that get released after being through the fan. This creates a cool fog and comparatively silent.

So, these are main types of humidifiers that are available in the market.

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