July 24, 2024

The Four Levels of Hearing Loss- Where Do You Fit?


If you suffer from hearing loss, you are not alone. Many people around the world struggle with the problem every year. Unfortunately, some people do not know much about hearing loss. They, therefore, may not be able to seek the appropriate medication. Others may be aware of it, but they underestimate its seriousness. It is advisable to seek medical help immediately you start to experience hearing loss. Quick treatment may help to prevent future problems. If you wait too long, it may be too late to treat the problem. Some of the symptoms of hearing loss include; inability to hear other people until they repeat the same thing a few times, turning the TV or radio volume even when others are comfortable.

Hearing loss may be brought about by many infections. It is important to know the level of hearing loss you have to receive the right treatment. Your doctor performs a hearing test before treatment. The following are the four levels of hearing loss.

Mild Hearing Loss

This level of hearing loss may be difficult to detect. If you have a mild hearing loss, you can hear almost all sounds except the soft ones. You may, for example, be unable to hear the sound of a dripping faucet. You may not have a problem hearing the TV or radio sounds on average volume, and you may have no trouble following a conversation. You may, however, find it difficult to follow a conversation if the background is noisy. It is possible to treat this level of hearing loss using hearing aids.

Moderate Hearing Loss

If you have trouble following regular conversations, you may have a moderate hearing loss. You may be unable to hear reasonably loud sounds such as the doorbell ringing. The lowest sounds that people with moderate hearing loss can hear are 40-75 dB. It is possible to improve moderate hearing loss using hearing aids.

Severe Hearing Loss

If you have a severe hearing loss, you may be unable to follow conversations without the help of hearing aids. Even with a hearing aid, you may still have trouble hearing speech and other sounds. A severe hearing loss may affect your ability to live a healthy life. It is possible to treat it using middle ear implants.

Profound Hearing Loss

This is the last and worst level of hearing loss. If you have a profound hearing loss, you cannot follow regular conversations even when using hearing aids. You may not hear even the loudest sounds such as airplane engines. Most people with this level of hearing loss rely on alternative modes of conversation such as the use of sign language. You may be able to understand speech after a cochlear implant and rehabilitation.

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