June 15, 2024

9 Deep Breathing Benefits You Must Know About


As they say, if you are breathing, you are still alive. Breathing is obviously the most necessary part of our lives. When you breathe, your body inhales oxygen and lets out the bad air. This helps your body to stay healthy and working. Our body cells work well, and all the harmful toxins are released from our body.

Let us take a look at some of the health benefits we get from deep breathing exercises.

1. Your respiratory system works in a better way:

It is but obvious that when we breathe deeply, our respiratory system is affected primarily. As we breathe, air rich in oxygen reaches our body. It rejuvenates all the tissues and blood cells. As a result, you stay away from respiratory diseases and disorders like bronchitis, asthma, and shortness of breath.

2. It calms you down:

It is often suggested by doctors that when you feel really stressed and work up, you should take deep breaths. This not only helps your brain to calm down, it also helps you to feel fresh and cools your nerves. This is probably the reason why most of the exercises or yoga positions have the technique of breathing in and out deeply.

3. Deep breathing helps in improving digestion:

If you have digestion problems, you can try breathing deeply till your stomach. The lower abdomen movement helps in proper digestion and helps you get rid of constipation. Deep breathing in the guts helps your body organs to function efficiently.

4. Deep breathing helps in increasing your energy level:

Our body produces energy only when it has enough oxygen. Oxygen is received by our body when we breathe. Hence, if we have a habit of deep breathing, our body produces more energy. A regular session of deep breathing will keep you up and going all day long.

5. It improves your body posture:

This is one of the indirect effects of your body, but this occurs every time you breathe deeply. Notice that when you are breathing deeply, your body automatically starts to stretch itself and you will find yourself sitting straight. Your spinal cord straightens itself which is a good thing for your body.

6. It reduces acidity:

Breathing deeply reduces the acidity in your body. It makes it alkaline. Deep breathing can also reduce stress, another reason for acidity in some people. This reduces body inflammation.

7. It reduces stress and anxiety:

Shortness of breath is a manifestation of anxiety. Whenever people are stressed due to work, unhealthy lifestyle or excessive smoking habits, they experience this. However, this can be sorted by deep breathing exercises. Regular exercises reduce your mental pressure. It also helps you to stop smoking habits.

8. It helps in muscle formation in your body:

When you do deep breathing exercises, your body inhales more amount of oxygen. This, in turn, helps information and development of muscles in your body. Next time you plan to hit the gym, you can try some deep breathing instead.

9. It makes your heart strong:

Breathing deeply passes more amount of oxygen in your body. This helps our heart in the sense that it doesn’t need to work so hard to pump out blood. With the excessive amount of oxygen, blood is easily supplied and carried to different parts of the body. This makes your heart stronger than ever.

To get all these benefits out of deep breathing, you need to make sure that you do it in the right way. You can take help of various health videos and guides or consult your yoga teacher or physician. Cultivate this habit and you will sure notice the improvement in your health. Good luck.

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