July 18, 2024

The Effect of CBD On the Pain Cells of a Stroke Patient


Strokes are extremely painful events.  Normally, the discomfort and pain occur on one side of the patient’s body.  During a stroke, large areas of the brain, as well as the nervous system, are kept from receiving oxygen.  This triggers a massive and wide-scale death of cells; including cells that allow the body to sense and process pain.

Pain cells

When these pain cells are destroyed or damaged, there is extreme neurological damage.  This causes what is referred to as “neuropathic pain.”  This is an explicit type of pain that is characterized by it’s severe as well as a feeling of being electrocuted or stabbed.  Treatments that are traditional for this symptom have long included the use of opioid painkiller prescriptions.  But these medications can cause severe side effects, such as but not limited to addiction, intoxication, depression and even death.  This is when some physicians begin using CBD oil for stroke recovery in patients.

CBD oil

CBD oil is a natural, safe as well as effective alternative treatment.  This is mainly because it binds to a kind of cannabinoid receptor in the brain known as CB1 receptor.  These receptors handle the management of the sensation and expression of pain.

Preventive measure

CBD oil for stroke recovery is very promising as a preventative measure since it so actively binds with receptors all over the ECS.  When it binds with these receptors, it strengthens the signals within the ECS.  This is called “potentiation”.  This means that CBD acts as consistent as well as a crucial component of overall health.  It also has as well qualities that are powerful in increasing cerebral flow of blood.  This allows for the brain to be adequately oxygenated and declines any hypertension. CBD is not psychoactive as it does not inhibit regular functioning as well as consciousness.  CBD takes a quite active role in inhibiting of inflammation and oxidation and promotes general function and health within the ECS.


CBD is tolerated well and has few side effects.  But it needs to be used under the guidance of a health care practitioner in order to determine the correct dosage.  The use of CBD oil for stroke recovery is good for complimenting traditional recovery techniques as well as being an effective, safe and viable medicine.

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