June 14, 2024

Summer Decision: Varicose Vein Treatment or Wearing Makeup On Ugly Veins


Summer is fast approaching and we’re all beginning to check out our wardrobe for late spring and summer clothing. As we try on our summer print dresses and do a twirl in front of the full-length mirror, many of us are no doubt seeing those unsightly varicose veins popping out more on the back side of the knees. We see the “spider webs” near the ankles too. Let me ask you this? Is this the year you finally take the plunge and get the varicose vein treatment you need or do you want to continue applying makeup and other cosmetic tricks?

This is a common dilemma, especially for women. The American College of Phlebology reports that about fifty percent of all woman have varicose veins. This number is actually a low ball estimate because it is biased toward the varicose veins we can actually see. Many varicose veins occur in the deep veins that can only be detected with an ultrasound test but they still cause major medical problems. In fact, deep varicose veins may require immediate varicose vein treatment if they are causing significant edema or putting you at high risk for a deep thrombosis (deep blood clot).

Many women dread any type of medical procedure, even one as painless as sclerotherapy and other forms of modern outpatient varicose vein treatment. Even if they are experiencing significant symptoms, they may choose to put off varicose vein treatment one more year and then another! They don’t realize that if you treat a varicose vein condition early, you can avoid a much more severe varicose vein problem later. It’s a known fact. Varicose veins cause other varicose veins to form!

If you do decide to camouflage your ugly varicose veins with makeup that “airbrushes” them out, be sure to wear gloves while you apply it. A makeup sponge can be a handy tool for this too, although you should still wear gloves. Coverup makeups and so-called “tanning oils” will definitely stain your hands in unattractive ways and no amount of hand washing gets rid of it. You just have to wait until it gradually wears off. Remember, the hands are more noticeable than the legs!

It’s important to wait until the liquid makeup or tanning oil COMPLETELY dries before you go about your normal routine or you’ll get it on your clothes and any other fabrics nearby such as the fabric of your chair. Even then, if you sweat, which is common behind the knees, especially in hot climates, the makeup or tanning oil may run and still stain anything it touches. There’s often an unpleasant odor involved too, although there are coverup products available now with a more natural and pleasant scent such as citrus.

If your varicose veins are large and or dark, you may need to apply body makeup to a tanning oil to fully cover them. Do so only after the first layer of tanning oil is completely dry. A dabbing motion will help the body makeup blend in more naturally with the tanning oil and your natural skin color. Some women also use an eyeliner brush to apply a third layer of waterproof concealer. If you do this, pick a color that is just a little lighter than the body makeup you used.

To say the cosmetic coverup is inconvenient and time-consuming would be an understatement. However, if you’re trying to look really nice for a special event such as a first date or a wedding, it may be worth the extra time and trouble. However, for a permanent fix, you should consider varicose vein treatment for three simple reasons:

1. Varicose veins beget other varicose veins! It you eliminate them early one, you will prevent others from forming.

2. Many women who have superficial varicose veins they can actually see, i.e. pose a cosmetic problem, also have deep varicose veins which may pose a much more serious medical threat. A Doppler ultrasound will tell you if this is true. The best place to get this test is a varicose vein treatment clinic.

3. Varicose vein treatment isn’t what it used to be. The days of painful “vein stripping” of the saphenous vein, requiring hospitalization and months of recovery time, are long gone! These days, varicose vein treatment is almost always an outpatient procedure at a varicose vein treatment clinic. There is little to no pain involved and the recovery time is minimal. The two most common procedures are sclerotherapy (injection of a chemical into your varicose veins to ablate them) and EVLT (the energy from a microlaser is used to ablate the trouble veins).

Sometimes taking the first step is the hardest to do when deciding whether or not to have any type of medical procedure. To make this first step easier, consider asking a friend or family member to go with you for moral support. You can get a free evaluation of your leg veins at Metro Vein Centers, a fully comprehensive varicose vein treatment clinic with several locations in the United States.

You do not need a referral to get an evaluation or to receive varicose vein treatment at Metro Vein Centers. If cost has been a deterrent to getting the varicose vein treatment you need, talk about this in a frank manner with your vein doctor. The vein specialists at Metro Vein Centers are very good at documenting a case and meticulously showing the medical need for varicose vein treatment so insurance companies will approve payment. Keep in mind too that sometimes there’s a procedure needed for medical purposes that will also improve, or even eliminate, a cosmetic problem.

Good luck to you and have fun in the upcoming carefree capris and shorts weather!

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