June 20, 2024

In the real sense, there is 3 mind blowing SARMS which so far have brought positive results. I will explain in full details the main types, their modes of application and the various places whereby you can actually find the best of SARMS.


To begin with, let’s consider SARM GW-501516. This has proven to be the best so far, as it got additional advantages which you will soon discover. Aside from the fact that it really burns body fat down, it actually also increment your endurance. You may spend restless times working out yourself all day long, do gym exercises followed by cardio, but in all these your endurance just gets broken down the more which is not a good aspect. But if you go along during this winter using GW-501516 then you can be assured to get the most positive feedback as regards weight loss. The right way to administer this SARM (GW-501516) is by;

  • Taking longer times in training
  • Double or if possible triple your training output
  • Improve your daily performance
  • Get shorter time to rest in between training sessions

After applying all these tips in combination to GW-501516 you will start getting some sensations of warmth right within you. Actually, you don’t have to be scared because this is like kind of burning down your calories.


This SARM forms one of the newest achievements in muscle developments and fat loss. SR9009 SARM is a product originally made by Professor Thomas Burris, a teacher from the Scripps Research Institute, discovered that the SARM had the ability to reduce obesity and this went a long way to help the population. By taking SR-9009 you become leaner, get great muscle development and increase your abilities in a long-distance run.

SR-9009 is also known as a Rev-Erba Ligand due to the fact that it regulates cell respiration and energy production which is an important factor in muscle development. SR-9009 goes a long way to improve your cardio performance thereby helping to regulate body fat accumulation. During workouts, you’re going to burn down more and more calories as the hours go by. Also during powerful/ resistive training moments, you will notice after a while that you’ve got more fat burned, greater output and hence more calories been demolished.

We have steadily examined the benefits of SR-9009, now I will explain the main process behind it. SR-9009 is capable of boosting your metabolic activities by altering the activities of the mitochondrion of the skeletal muscles.

I like this SARM in that in that;

  • It enhances cardio processes
  • Steadily assures fat loss and inhibits the fat formation process
  • Greatly increases your endurance
  • Gets your muscles solidified bit by it

Just as the previous GW-501516 developed sports and athletics, SR-9009 was due to muscle development abilities. With SR-9009, ensure to take short rest times in order to get the best shredding results.


Think about the ways listed above. You may want to increase your training times and guess what; you definitely burn more body fats. This has some advantages and results to our previous GW-501516 but is more peculiar in that it actually help in RECOMPING.  This just means burning body fat and enhancing muscle development. Ligandrol LGD-4033 being a SARM that has a direct influence on growth really helps in shredding in less than no time.

For LGD-4033, SARS X has been delivering quality products on this very SARM. You may also want to check on blue sky-peptide as this too has had outstanding performances with respect to fat loss.

As of now I highly recommend buying your GW-501516 at Innovative Research compounds as they have an insight on best Otariine production and have had a lot of positive feedback from their produce.

SR-9009 has brought about many developments as to concerns weight loss but I won’t actually recommend it because this SARM has side effects. Unlike its other counterparts, SR-9009 causes impairments with vision in the long run. It associates with the receptors in the eyes, thereby altering your vision in the long run. An important remedy to this may be to consider taking 50 mg as a daily dosage. This will go a long way to help.

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