May 20, 2024

Not Happy About Your Smile? – Smile Makeovers Come to the Rescue


Many would love to have a picture-perfect smile. With the current advancements in dentistry, it is possible to transform your smile. A visit to a dentist is not always about tooth and gum problems. Many are trying cosmetic dentistry procedures including teeth whitening, closing gaps and replacing missing teeth to have a smile makeover.

If you are looking for smile makeovers Del Mar Ca, schedule an appointment with David Daughters, DDS, Inc. They have a good reputation in the surrounding area because of their excellent dental care. Their skilled team would assist you in having the smile of your dreams.

Benefits of a smile makeover:


Many are secretly self-conscious about their smile. A smile makeover is an instant confidence-booster and makes a person handle social interactions better.

Romantic appeal:

A smile is one of the first things many would notice when meeting someone for the first time. A confident and healthy smile boosts your chances of someone finding you attractive.

Prompt results:

Even if you have a big event coming up in a couple of weeks or a month, it’s not too late for a smile makeover. It involves a few dentist visits and less recovery time.

Tooth stains, chips, cracks, gaps between teeth, misaligned or missing teeth are some of the common imperfections that meddle with a person’s smile. Crowns are fixed to cover irregularly shaped or discolored teeth while veneers cover the front part of the teeth. Some may require braces or implants.

A dentist evaluates you and then decides the right treatment plan. Dr. David Daughters is a reputed Solana beach dentist with 30 years of experience. Get in touch with him for a smile makeover and discuss your options.

You don’t have to be dissatisfied with your smile anymore. Fix your smile the way you want whilst improving your oral health.

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