June 16, 2024

Is It Safe To Opt For Period Panties?


In recent days, a lot has been told and written about period panties. But the sad fact is, not many people actually know what it is and the way it functions! In fact, so many of us still get intrigued by this kind of panty actually existing.

From the best menstrual cup to period panties, there are tons of innovative period supplies that are out there in the market today. The chief concept behind these panties is to ensure that you are kept safe and protected while you are on your periods. At the same time, it ensures that you do not feel the discomfort that you usually feel while using tampons or other usual period supplies.

Now period underwear does come with some great benefits too. Just in case if you were wondering as to what they are, we have it all for you, noted down below:

Simply dispose of them after use

Rather than wearing pads and then later throw it away, you can simply dispose of these and wear fresh ones. Pads, as you know, can absorb at the most four hours of menstrual blood, these panties come with 12-hour protection. You do not have to hence change them as frequently as you have to while using a pad. All you have to do is get these disposable panties which will absorb the blood for almost 12 hours. Isn’t that a comforting change from your normal pad changing schedule?

Bleed for free

We all have to admit that we feel uncomfortable when the pad is clung onto the panty. It seems to be more awkward when the flow is heavy, or during the first few days of the menstrual cycle. Now with this underwear, you can bleed without having to bother at all, at least for 12 hours at a stretch!

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