May 20, 2024

Healing Guide: Health Messenger makes use of natural ways of preventing and treating human disease. It is based on finding the underlying cause of a problem, rather than treating or suppressing a symptom.

By using the Self Diagnosis methods you assist the body to heal itself with natural supplements instead of pharmaceutical drugs that cause more damage to an already toxic system.
For each symptom recommended vitamins, minerals, tissue salts, herbs, etc are listed.

Each recommended supplement list symptoms that you may experience due to lack. With this information at your disposal, you can now sift and sort and discover the specific nutrition your body requires. This is how you take back your power!

For chronic disease, the Time of Day clock guides you to the organ that needs attention, based on specific times when your symptoms are at its peak.

Each organ is linked to the time of day with recommended nutrition and techniques to open the energy flow towards the organ. This is called meridian balance that feeds the body with essential universal energy.

Mineral shortages are easily diagnosed according to your date of birth, by following the Biochemic Tissue Salt clock as discovered by Dr. Scheussler in 1821.

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