May 18, 2024

How To Dress For An Osteopathy Appointment In Singapore


Your joints, muscles, and bones are some of the most crucial parts of your body. Without them, the rest of your organs cannot function since the musculoskeletal system provides structure, connection, and movement. Because of their vital roles, it is only natural for you to want them to be in the best shape possible. Thankfully, a capable and reliable osteopath in Singapore can help you keep your muscles and bones healthy through their treatments.

If you plan to visit an osteopathy clinic in Singapore, you may be wondering what you should wear at your appointment. It may seem trivial to some individuals, but proper attire is crucial when getting screened or receiving treatments from an osteopath. To help you figure out how you should look on your checkup, here are the best articles of clothing for an osteopathy screening:

Loose Shirts Or Tank Tops

Most specialists in every osteopathy and physiotherapy clinic in Singapore recommend loose tops for checkups. Your specialist will want to see how well you can move your body, and tight-fitting clothing could prevent it.

Comfortable Pants Or Shorts

Like loose shirts, comfortable bottoms will allow you to move freely. If you are receiving treatments like dry needling in Singapore on your legs, wearing shorts will let you get the remedy without taking your bottoms off.

Sneakers Or Slip-Ons

As much as possible, avoid sandals and high-heeled shoes when visiting an osteopathy clinic in Singapore. Opt for sneakers or a slip-on instead that would allow you to walk around with ease.

Dresses Or Skirts

Almost every osteopath in Singapore will want to perform a comprehensive physical examination on your first appointment. They may ask you to disrobe and put a hospital gown on, and dresses or skirts will allow you to undress effortlessly.

Now that you know what to wear on your first osteopathy checkup in Singapore, you can finally set an appointment at Calibrate Health! Visit their website below to learn more about their notable clinic and specialists.

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