June 14, 2024

Common Postpartum Problems Experienced by New Mothers


Your body goes through tremendous changes when you are pregnant. But just because you’ve given birth, doesn’t mean that your body automatically goes back to normal. Those first few weeks after childbirth is an incredibly vital time for both a mother and a child. There’s an increased risk of health complications during this period, and you will need good medical care to get you through it.

Postpartum problems of new mothers

Postnatal care in Singapore involves the treatment of common issues that many mothers experience. Because pregnancy changes your body in many ways, learning how to adapt and bounce back from them makes up a huge part of your care. Here are a few issues that you might experience.

1. Recti divarication.

Divarication of the recti refers to the condition wherein the two sides of your recti abdominus muscle grow apart during pregnancy. The separation of the two sides is a normal occurrence while pregnant, but they are supposed to go back to their original position after pregnancy.

2. Urine leakage.

Urinary incontinence in Singapore is a term for when you experience leakage of urine and having an inability to hold all of it in. This can be because the bladder can be shifted and placed under pressure during pregnancy, which can affect your bladder muscles. Many pregnant people often experience this during and after pregnancy.

3. Stretch marks.

The infamous stretch marks that many mothers sport during and after pregnancy are caused by obvious reasons. After you give birth, stretch marks may never fully go away, and right after birth, they are especially prominent. Ask your doctor for more information on how to care for a post partum belly.

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