April 22, 2024

House cleaning 101: Getting the basics right


It’s not as easy as it looks, but you can master the techniques of how to keep your house clean with a plan and the right tools.

Your home and its cleanliness are important to you. But you find that keeping the house clean and spotless is a full-time job! Just when you’ve finished cleaning one part of the house, another part gets dirty and needs your attention. And even after you’re done, you cannot guarantee that you have got every last dust mote, or wiped out every last germ lurking in the house. This is borne out when you or a family member falls prey to an infectious disease, or end up transferring the infection to surfaces inside the house.

A germ-free house is free of disease and frequent illness. But how can you guarantee that your house will not just be spotless but also germ-free? Just arm yourself with an antiseptic cleaning liquid and some clean water to get started.

Here’s a handy primer on how to keep your house clean and germ-free:

  • Vacuum the floors and corners instead of using a broom to sweep the floors. The broom may not get all the dust out, and it creates more dust in the air as well. A vacuum cleaner is able to reach holes in the plaster and corners where pests hide.
  • Use a floor and surface cleaning solution made out of a reliable antiseptic liquid. It kills any infectious germs and bacteria while imparting a spotless shine on the surfaces. Also clean metal fittings and fixtures like doorknobs, using this cleaning solution.
  • The kitchen counters, cooking tops, wash basin counter, bathroom tiles and floors, taps and flush tank knobs must all be given a regular wipe using antiseptic liquid. These are surfaces of common use and they remain wet for longer. Also, they have a higher potential for spreading germs from one person to another.
  • Wash your clothing with a measure of antiseptic liquid in the last washing cycle. This disinfects the clothes and makes them completely clean. Do this especially if you or a family member has recently been sick with an infectious disease.
  • Keep a bottle of antibacterial handwashing soap at the wash basin and kitchen sink. Use it at least once every couple of hours to keep your hand’s germ-free. Do this during flu or cold season, since the hands are the primary transmitters of infectious germs.
  • Give the kitchen sink a rubdown with antiseptic liquid before going to bed at night. Also, pour a bit of the liquid down the sink drain and floor drain in the bathroom – this repels lurking cockroaches trying to seek entry into your home.

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