April 22, 2024

Flat Feet, Condition, Symptoms And Treatment


One could argue that the flat feet condition is one of the most common ones, especially since most children will have flat feet when they are young. This is a deformity that can often be cured if treated on time, and later with orthotics and other helpers.

You need to talk to your podiatrist if you think you have flat feet, especially if they are causing you pain. Check out Edgecliff podiatry like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry or talk to your local podiatry clinic, and make sure to schedule an appointment on time.

Take proper care of your feet, and visit your podiatrist.

What are flat feet?

Also known as fallen arches (pes planus) is a postural deformity where the arches of your feet or just one foot will collapse, meaning that your entire sore will be flat on the floor, or so to speak. About 20-30{0f06621096951f9dc163056155f07a521f5203f52e6b53917fd291a1b5b72857} of people suffer from this condition in at least one foot.


Flat feet can also develop in adults, due to an injury, unusual or prolonged stress in our feet, or illness… as well as a part of a normal ageing process. This is a very common problem in women who are over 40 years of age, and the risks tend to be hypertension, obesity and diabetes. Pregnant women also tend to develop flat feet as a temporary condition.

If you develop flat feet in your adult life, they often remain like that permanently. In some cases, people might not even realize that they have flat feet, as they do not always cause pain, but in other cases, it might be causing you a lot of pain.


If caught early, there are many exercises, inserts and orthotics that could help cure the condition, but if you wait too long, there is a chance that they will remain permanent. The treatment should be discussed with your podiatrist.

Buy the shoes that fit you well and give the right support.

Flat feet in children

There have been many studies that show that children tend to have flat feet quite often. In most cases, kids will grow out of them, but in other cases that might not happen Flat arches in children could cause a lot of issues, and be resolved on their own, so you might want to visit your podiatrist.

If you have such issues, check out the Kensington podiatry such as Orthotic Solutions Podiatry or talk to your podiatrist about different things that you could do to help your kids cure their flat feet. This is a condition that could be cured easily in young children if caught early.

Final word

If you think you or your child has flat feet, then it might be time for you to visit your podiatrist. Make sure to ask him or her any questions you might have, or talk about any food-related topics that might make you feel more at ease. But, most importantly, you should listen to what your doctor suggests!

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