June 20, 2024

Dental Implant Misconceptions that Are Not True


Dental Implant Misconceptions that Are Not True

Having your tooth missed is one of the worst nightmares that everyone can see. Unfortunately, it’s not just a nightmare and can occur due to different reasons like accidents or severe dental emergencies. People with one or more missed teeth are extremely bothered because of caused problems like difficulties in chewing, talking, or being ashamed of smiling. Luckily having missing teeth is not an untreated dental problem, and dental implants are becoming more and more improved to make people with missing teeth happy again. According to the specialists offering affordable dental implants in North York, implant treatment is a unique but complicated procedure that gives you dental replacements with the same look and function as your natural teeth. You can barely find a person who got dental implants from an experienced professional, not satisfied with the final result they achieved. Nevertheless, many people with missing teeth still avoid getting dental implants because they believe wrong information and myths that make them scared of having dental implants. Leaving your missing teeth not replaced and untreated can lead to other severe dental problems, which is why you need to reconsider dental implants and get the correct information if you still avoid getting them.

Myth: the success rate of dental implants isn’t high

Implant dentistry has experienced notable developments due to the technology and knowledge gained. Implantology has an excellent success rate because of the trial and error that implant dentists went through. We are glad to inform you that the success rate of dental implants is about 95 to 98 prevent and even higher if you find a reliable and experienced implant dentist.

Myth: the price of dental implants is unreasonably high

You may be one who believes that dental implants are so expensive and aren’t affordable for ordinary people. Although dental implant prices are certainly higher-up-front than other dental replacements, there is a reason behind this expensiveness. You replace your missing teeth forever by getting dental implants, and also they prevent your jawbone from atrophying. In fact, you achieve a perpetual dental replacement that performs just like your natural teeth. Also, many reliable and valid dental clinics provide payment plans for their patients to make the situation easier for them.

Myth: dental implants are just designed for aesthetic goals

Although dental implants give you the beautiful smile you seek, the cosmetic aspect isn’t the only side. An artificial dental root will be placed into your jawbone during implant surgery to be attached to implant crowns later. It thoroughly explains why dental implants aren’t justified used for cosmetics. Dental implants are designed just like the natural structure of your entire tooth, including the root, giving you all the advantages you want like smile restoration, bone loss prevention, and shaping your face and mouth.

Myth: dental implants aren’t as durable as your natural teeth

When your oral surgeon implants the artificial tooth into your jawbone, having the natural performance and durability just like your natural teeth is guaranteed.

Remember getting dental implants is a complex procedure with a great result at the end, showing you the importance of consulting with a reliable implant dentist.

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