April 22, 2024

Control Your Scroll: How to Develop a Healthier Social Media Relationship


Social media, especially Instagram, can have a dire effect on your mental health if you don’t focus on your social media relationship. Learn more in this blog.

There are many benefits to having social media accounts. You can keep in touch with friends and family with ease and you can even promote your business on them. With all the pros though, there comes a few cons.

Long gone are the days where we’d have to head outside to play with friends or stay active in the community to promote business. Now, we don’t even have to leave the comfort of our couch thanks to technology advances and social media. This is good in some ways but not in others.

Your social media relationship shouldn’t be completely taking over your life. It’s essential that you lay down a few boundaries between yourself and your social media accounts. Let them be there to provide you with all the good they can do, but don’t let them control you.

Stop your controlling social media relationship now by continuing to read below!

Set Restrictions on Your Phone

Did you know that your smartphone keeps track of how often you use certain apps? Your phone’s memory and battery settings keep track of this information so it knows what apps are using up the most data and battery.

Head into your phone’s settings and discover how much time a day you’re spending on certain social media accounts.

Some phones even have an option that limits how much time you can spend a day on a certain app. You decide how much time you want to give yourself then input this information on your phone.

Your phone will then keep track of the amount of time spent on the app for you and let you know when you’ve reached your max.

Give Yourself a Schedule

If you don’t want your phone having too much control over the situation, then you can give yourself a set schedule to work with. Think about how much time you spend on social media and how much time you’d like to cut out of that.

Are there maybe certain times of the day when you want to allow yourself to browse your social media apps and other times when you want to keep the phone down? Create a schedule for yourself that’s realistic.

You can decide to only use social media in the morning, before work, and on the weekends. You can cut it out from the weekdays completely or cut it out from the weekends. Find something you know you can do and then work your way up to more and more time away from the screen.

Post Less Often

The more you post, the more interacting you’ll receive from your followers. When your followers interact with you on your accounts, you’ll want to engage in conversation with them. If you truly want to separate yourself from the social media world, then you need to consider posting less often.

How many times do you post a week? Take this number and try to cut it in half. Once you’re able to cut the number of posts down in half, you can then begin to work on cutting that number down as well.

Never Compare Yourself

One of the biggest cons of using social media is the effect it has on mental health and self-love. Many social media users compare themselves to other social media users. What you need to keep in mind, however, is that you never know what these peoples’ lives really look like.

Anyone can be anybody on social media. That’s why so many people learn about fake accounts! Don’t compare yourself to others.

Doing so can have a negative impact on your mental health. Instead, become inspired by pages that offer positivity and remember that you’re only in competition with yourself to becoming a better you.

Turn off Your Notifications

If you try to stay away from social media but are constantly being pulled back into because of your notifications, then do yourself a favor and turn them off. You can go into your phone’s settings or the app’s settings and turn the notifications off.

Without social media notifications blowing your phone up throughout the day, you won’t feel as tempted to check your accounts. It’s an out of sight, out of mind situation. When you’re ready to give yourself some social media time, all of those notifications will be there waiting for you.

Follow Inspiring and Positive Pages

There’s a lot of negativity that comes from social media. Just like in the news, it seems there’s more negativity being spread than positivity. Sometimes, it might not be the app that’s draining you, but the stuff you see when you open it.

To avoid this, be sure to follow plenty of inspiring and positive pages. There are many people out there on social media who use the platform to spread all of the good in the world. These are the type of accounts you want to follow.

If you see a post or video you like, you can save it to your phone to access it instead of logging back into your accounts. The link https://setapp.com/how-to/download-instagram-videos will teach you how to save Instagram videos onto your phone.

Find Other Ways to Occupy Your Mind

One of the last ways to maintain a healthy relationship with your social media is to find other ways to keep your mind occupied. What hobbies do you enjoy? When’s the last time you got together with an old friend in person and had lunch?

What are some things you can do that you enjoy and will keep your mind off of looking at social media? You can even consider joining a volunteer group or signing up for a membership at a gym, yacht club, or something similar.

What Does Your Social Media Relationship Look Like?

Are you and your social media accounts in a healthy relationship? Don’t find yourself in a controlling social media relationship. Use the tips in this guide to help you manage a healthy relationship with all your social media accounts.

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