June 14, 2024

A neuropsychological assessment is a systematic evaluation of how your brain functions affect your thinking skills, behavior and mood. Adults might want to consider getting a neuropsychological assessment for various reasons, such as:

To address concerns about memory decline, attention issues, the onset of dementia or other cognitive matters
To help with diagnosis of cognitive dysfunction due to aging, neurological illness, depression, anxiety or other causes
To monitor future changes in cognitive abilities, mood and personality, including treatment effects
To identify specific cognitive strengths and weaknesses that may affect learning, work or daily activities
To learn about interventions that may help in day to day functioning.

Neuropsychological testing is available directly to adults.

John had always been a sharp, intelligent man. But in his early 70s, he began to notice that he was forgetting things more frequently than before. It started with little things, like where he had put his car keys or what he had gone to the store to buy, but it began to worry him. He knew that memory loss was a common issue in older adults, but he didn’t want it to get worse.

So, John decided to seek help and underwent neuropsychological testing at the Center for Cognitive Testing. The testing revealed that John was experiencing mild cognitive impairment, a condition that could potentially lead to dementia. But the good news was that he caught it early and could take steps to slow its progression.

With the help of his doctor, John started a treatment plan that included memory exercises, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and medications to manage his symptoms. He also began seeing a therapist to help him cope with the emotional impact of his diagnosis.

Over time, John noticed that his memory had improved. He was able to remember where he put his keys, and he could recall conversations from days ago. He still had some difficulty with his memory, but he felt more in control and less afraid of the future.

Thanks to the neuropsychological assessment at the Center for Cognitive Testing and the treatment plan that followed, John was able to manage his memory loss and maintain his quality of life.

One clinic in the greater Boston area is the Center for Cognitive Testing (CCT). CCT is a private neuropsychological assessment clinic that provides comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations for adults. Visit its website at https://c-ct.org to find out more.

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