July 20, 2024

Companies Big and Small Are Becoming More Involved in Wellness Solution


Although large corporations have been doing this for years, it has been a program in smaller companies only recently. The larger and leading companies have known for years that employees who are active are healthy, more productive, and wellness programs play an enormous role in keeping healthy employees to play a large part in the workplace.

Wellness solution

What I am talking about is a corporate wellness solution. This goes beyond having a nurse on duty or paying an employee for days when they are out sick. This has grown to a point now where if you have a chronic disease such as diabetes, the company medical personnel will call occasionally to see how you are, have you been keeping doctor’s visits as well as eye visits and other things that need to be watched. If your physician has not told you much about this disease, the company wellness center will tell you all you need to know. Your company is walking beside you while you battle this chronic disease.


Another example of how much they care for an employee is if you are developing ergonomic problems because of your chair or other things that you might be working with that are causing problems. Rather than expecting the employee to keep working in a cheap chair, they will spend the money to get the employee the perfect chair. They will also arrange for the employee to go to physical therapy or have a physical therapist come to them, to take care of the problem that might be developing. They are more than willing and able to spend the money and take the time to keep the employee healthy. Healthy employees work harder, care about their job and in the long run save the company money.

Gaps in healthcare

Employers are filling in critical gaps in the healthcare system that normally are just forgotten – they help with decisions beyond the hospital or clinic. Personalized advocacy makes positive and popular health management work for the employer and their employees.

Programs offered

Companies will also have group exercise classes often onsite, yoga during lunch time and other programs that help employees get, stay and be well. This can also include free flu shots every year and respond to acute problems such as sore throat or flu quickly. The goal is to reach and stay at an optimal level of health.

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