June 16, 2024

Cerec Crowns: What Is The Treatment Process in Grande Prairie?


The truth is that only a few of us can boast of having perfect teeth, free of fillings or decay. Chances are you have one tooth filling or more in your mouth, which fill up the cavities or holes present in your teeth after excavation of your decayed tooth tissue. These fillings are comprised of metal elements, which means they can weaken your teeth, go bad or cause more decay around or under the affected teeth. In fact, most fillings need replacing after every 10 years. Thankfully, Cerec crowns in Grande Prairie provide one of the most innovative solutions for replacing these fillings while restoring the weakened, decayed, and broken teeth back to their former glory. A clinic for cosmetic dentistry in Grande Prairie can complete the restoration process in a single dental appointment.

Cerec Crowns in Grande Prairie

Cerec is a highly advanced restorative system commonly used as dental treatment, as it enables your cosmetic dental practitioner to restore any decayed tooth, remove the defective amalgam fillings, place crowns, or fit veneers in one appointment. With this restorative system, patients can have the best quality and most life-like restorations in a single dental appointment. This way, you will never be inconvenienced at all, which is especially important if you have a busy schedule.

The Preparation Process

During your first appointment, your appointed specialist in cosmetic dentistry in Grande Prairie will carefully examine your teeth, as this helps determine the most suitable form of treatment. The procedure may involve a minor filling, or the installation of a full crown, although this depends on the healthy tooth structure available, as well as the professional judgment of your appointed dental practitioner. Next, your cosmetic dentist will administer the anesthetic and begin the preparation of the affected tooth in readiness for the restoration process that involves the removal of weakened and decayed tooth tissue. The preparation process is similar to what is typically done for most of the other forms of restorative treatment techniques.

The Optical Impression

In this phase, your cosmetic dentist will take an optical impression of the tooth that has been prepared. Note that your dentist will use a camera for taking digital format scans of your prepared tooth. The whole process usually takes approximately two minutes.

The Procedure Has No Temporary Work

Next, your dentist will use a Cerec machine to develop the restoration. The process involves taking digital format pictures and converting them into 3-D virtual models on the computer. Your cosmetic dentistry practitioner will then rely on his skill to design the Cerec restoration using a special Cerec 3D program. In just a matter of minutes, a few clicks will enable your dentist to send the restoration design data to a milling machine. A block of ceramic material that perfectly matches the shade of your tooth is inserted inside the milling machine and after ten minutes have elapsed, your tooth-colored restoration, comprised of all-ceramic material is ready to be attached securely in place. Your dentist will then try out the Cerec restoration by fitting it in your mouth just to make sure it has the correct bite and fit. Once done, the restoration component is polished and fixed to your prepared tooth. The whole treatment process incorporates no temporary procedures that might require you to make return appointments. Typically, everything is completed in one appointment.

To know more about Cerec crowns in Grande Prairie, do not hesitate to talk to your cosmetic dentist today. By consulting the specialists in cosmetic dentistry in Grande Prairie, you can rest assured knowing the treatment process shall be completed successfully.

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