June 16, 2024

Benefits Derived From Having a Family Dentist in Courtenay


You never miss the water till the well runs dry. Similarly, you never really understand the role your teeth play until they develop a cavity or contract an infection. For great oral hygiene and health, it is recommended that one visits the dentist in Courtenay twice a year. This should be a priority for every member of your family.

For effective teeth care and health, it is crucial that you have a family dentist in Courtenay. The family dentist will take great care of your entire family and attend to any special treatment your toddlers and kids may need. Family dentists come with a host of benefits. Outlined below are some of those benefits.

Track Kids’ Development

Physical exams, hearing and vision tests all help to ascertain that your child’s development is normal and as it should be. In addition to the above checkups, you should also add visits to the dentist twice every year. While you may be seeing a general practitioner, he may not be trained and qualified enough to efficiently care for tiny teeth rooted in children’s small jaws.

However, a family dentist (one with pediatric training) is best. This is because he understands the role baby teeth play in the development of speech, as well as chewing habits. A family dentist will ensure that the child experiences healthy dental development and will recommend the right methods and techniques to correct any mishaps related to teeth development. Dental surgery and other invasive procedures are always a last resort.

Provide a Place to Run to During Emergencies

When you think of dental emergencies, most people rarely think of kids. But, while adults are more prone to dental injuries and emergencies, kids are also at risk for dental emergencies. It should be pointed out that kids’ dental emergencies are more delicate, as they do not understand what is happening to them and do not know what to do and what not to do to contain the situation. Having a family dentist in Courtenay will help you respond to such emergencies like a pro, ensuring that your loved one is safe. Most family dentists will provide an emergency number and will be available over the weekend and even on holidays.

Detect Inherent Problems

When a family is attended to by one dentist, it becomes easier for the dentist to point out some tooth problems that seem to run in the family. Your family dentist, after providing dental treatment to the adults, will be on the lookout for signs of similar problems reoccurring in the kids.

This will enable early diagnosis and treatment of dental problems in kids. Overall, the kids will be kept from suffering from inherited dental problems. In the long run, you will save loads of cash and protect your child from the discomfort.

Fast Appointments and Visits

If you lead a busy life, full of meetings all day long, it can be hard to book and honor dentist appointments for every member of the family. With a family dentist, however, you get to make the most of the little time you have left. You can even have your teeth attended to during your child’s appointment. This is a benefit gained when using a family dentist who is trained and qualified to attend to all age groups.


Having a family dentist might seem like a luxury. But, on the contrary, it is more of a necessity than anything else. Listed above are the benefits you stand to gain from choosing a family dentist.

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