June 14, 2024

The hair and skincare industry is worth several billion dollars and is expected to steadily increase in value with everything from creams to extensions available. Hai, in particular,r has always and will forever be connected to female sexual attractiveness, male virility and generally a positive image hence it’s no surprise that people are eager to spend a whole lot of money in hopes of attaining the perfect look. What’s perplexing however is how they often neglect to cater to the health of their hair and total health as well.

There’s an outer protective layer of your skin and hair called the acid mantle, no it’s not like the earth’s mantle that’s under the crust but yes it’s is acidic just enough to kill most bacteria that comes in contact with it. Now when various chemicals in hair and skin care products are introduced this is where the pH imbalance almost always occurs as all that foreign stuff messes with the natural defense system established by the body’s Ministry of Security so to speak.

While on the external front shampoos and facial scrubs undermine the body’s built in defense it is the infiltration of crap foods eaten that does the pH damage from within. The more sweets, unnecessary carbs and grease ingested is the more pimples and split ends you’re requesting for yourself.

It’s been said that less and is more, and this is indeed true when it comes to hair care. The more chemical and products used also means an increase in acidity which is counterproductive to good health. Adopting a minimalistic approach to beauty care is the best option in this fast paced doped up modern era and cosmetologists agree that less is best for optimal skin and hair health.

Scientists deduce that each human has roughly 100,000 follicles on their scalp if they happen to have black hair with blondes possessing 10{f836da2089c4f6ac041f592a32b2c3a6b29da20f6bd03832a46b7a74d907c6fd} more than that and redheads having 10{f836da2089c4f6ac041f592a32b2c3a6b29da20f6bd03832a46b7a74d907c6fd} less. So with hair falling out every single day, there’s always room being made for new growth which means there’s always an opportunity to start anew with your hair care routine. Cutting back on products used is a pretty good first step but the real difference will come with an improved diet.

The weakening of the acid mantle by alkaline hair and skin care products is essentially the main external reason why breakouts and breakages can’t be controlled and resolved effectively as in our silly attempts to be less oil and stay totally clean we have removed the essential oils that fight germs and sustain healthy moist follicles. We’re not talking about allows grease to clog your pores and stop washing your hair, we’re just saying be sure not to overdo your hygienic routine and highly consider more organic means of getting the job done.

So it’s clear that an unhealthy diet translates into unhealthy hair sooner or later. A diet with foods which offer little nutrients eventually causes hair to become thin and can even lead to hair loss. Most of the foods we eat are consumed purely based on how good they taste but making choices because of the instant gratification provided is a rather superficial approach to life. And while a lot of unhealthy foods are delicious they’re also blocking your arteries with fat and providing your long locks from growing the way you’d like.

What’s the solution then? Eat more alkaline forming foods! Make a conscious effort to fill up with fruits, vegetables, nuts and even yogurts as they help to reduce internal acidity and promote a favorable alkaline environment. But how do you know if the change will work? By a simply DIY pH test at home of course!

There are many options available but one of the best recommended is the HealthyWiser™ pH Health Test Strips for Saliva and Urine as it is cost-effective, convenient and yields results with 99.9{f836da2089c4f6ac041f592a32b2c3a6b29da20f6bd03832a46b7a74d907c6fd} accuracy. So the next time you wonder if all’s well within, just take a quick swab test and see for yourself how a change in pH can bring you closer to visible changes and glowing health.

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