June 14, 2024

Armod is a wakefulness inducing medicine. This medicine is known to act by increasing the dopamine levels in the brain. The function of dopamine is to induce wakefulness in the mind. This medicine has come in vogue due to its utility in solving narcoleptic cases. Also, the people who need to stay awake at odd hours or those who need to shift the work time frequently consume this drug for better productivity.

Chemically speaking, this medicine contains Armodafinil. It is a drug that enhances cognition of mind. The medicine is being used worldwide only to cope with the work pressures; its medical utility lies in treating cases of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Common uses of wakefulness inducing medicines

Sleep disorder is something dreadful and only the victim can understand its repercussions. Important instances where Modalert or other similar drugs are used for medical treatment are:

1. Fighting chronic fatigue:

Patients of MS or multiple sclerosis need a booster of mood as well as physical capabilities to sail through the day. The wakefulness inducing tablets have the power to boost the brain function and keep the patient strong enough throughout the day for performing all usual activities.

2. Narcolepsy:

The hormonal disturbance in the body leading to increase in melatonin can be one of the causes or narcolepsy or extreme sleepiness during the day. The patients use Waklert and similar drugs to fight with the unusual bouts of sleepiness.

3. Shift disorder:

Some occupations require people to stay awake and alert even during the odd hours. People take the ‘smart pills’ to cope with the work atmosphere. They usually take the medicine one hour before the start of the shift time.

4. OSA:

This disorder comprises instances of stopped breathing while sleeping. A patient is given the smart pill along with other methods like use of mouth device, etc. to tackle the problem.

How to use Armod?

This smart pill is taken orally. The 100mg tablet is to be taken once a day. The patient using it for OSA needs to take this tablet before going to sleep. Those who are taking it to manage shift order-disorder should consume it an hour before the shift starts. To get it to work faster, the patient should take it on empty stomach. With food, the pill is likely to take a longer time to show effect. The pill should be taken exactly as prescribed

This pill must be taken on a regular basis. Some people report certain withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking this medicine completely. These symptoms may include chills and shivers, vomiting, nausea and so on.

When not to use wakefulness pill?

This drug is known to interfere with the activity of a contraceptive pill. So, if you do not want to conceive, you must not take this medicine. Also, this medicine is not going to produce positive results if you are using lot of caffeine in your daily routine. The medicine should never be taken with Modafinil as both have same functions, so it may result in overdose.

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