June 14, 2024

All You Need to Know about Mucus and Its Effective Treatment


Mucus is a little sticky, slippery and strings like fluid that is present in the lining of body tissues. Its main function is to avoid drying of major organs by providing the required moisture and to prevent dust and other allergens from entering the body.  It contains anti-bacterial antibodies and enzymes to kill any germs and prevent infection. It is produced by the glands present in the nose, mouth, throat, stomach, intestines and vagina. Mucus is essential for staying healthy however excess formation of mucus leads to many health problems. 

There are many medications to control the formation of mucus. However, there is a need to use only the effective and safest medication. The Fluimucil tablets manufactured by one of the top-notch laboratories, S.M.Pharmaceuticals have proven to be quite useful and safer medicine to treat Mucus related health problems. The mucus mainly present in the nose helps to prevent dust and other allergens. The membranes are present in the nose. The abnormality in its formation leads to health issues. 

Signs that indicate the abnormality of mucus

  • When clear mucus comes out then it is a sign of throwing out allergens. However, during sinus or while troubled with bronchitis infection troubling your general health the colour of the mucus turns yellowish, beige or greenish. The colour changes because of a substance called neutrophil that is present in white blood cells. 
  • Reddish or brownish colour in your mucus indicates blood in your mucus. It may happen because of over rubbing of nose or the dryness of tissues present in the inner lining of the nose. 
  • Blood seen in mucus sometimes isn’t alarming however when it is continuous there is a need to consult a medical physician. The ailment can be bronchitis, pneumonia or cancer. 
  • Phlegm is a type of mucus formed by the lungs and the respiratory system. It can be in excess because of inflammation health issues. 

Causes of abnormality of mucus

  • When a person falls sick then the mucus formation is less. That results in changing its consistency to thicker and stickier. That creates congestion in the nose and the sick person feels discomfort in breathing and swallowing. The dropping of the mucus in the throat causes cough. 
  • The other causes for the thickening of mucus are no presence of moisture in the indoor air and not drinking adequate water. Excess drinking of alcohol, coffee or tea may cause dehydration those results in less formation of mucus. 
  • Excessive smoking of tobacco and consuming potent medicines may lead to less mucus formation. 
  • The formation of excessive mucus may be due to bronchitis, severe pulmonary diseases or cystic fibrosis. 

Treatments to cure the formation of abnormal mucus

  • Mainly decongestants meds are quite effective to reduce thick mucus. 
  • Antihistamines are useful to treat running nose due to excessive formation of mucus. 
  • The natural method to clear thick mucus is to pump the salt water in the nose through the syringe. This helps the mucus to change its consistency from thicker to thinner and the person can breathe with ease. 

The other effective and safe medicine is Fluimucil 600mg tablets that have helped many of its consumers to treat health problems due to abnormal formation of mucus.

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