April 22, 2024

A Good Solution for Troubled Sleep: Maple Syrup


A Good Solution for Troubled Sleep Maple Syrup

Sleep is something that all of us need to a certain extent. The required amount of sleep depends on age and health condition. There are many physical and mental health issues that actually hamper our sleep. Food habits and lifestyles can also have adverse effects on the sleep cycle. Stress and anxiety often lead to poor sleep which then makes it tough to deal with daily things. It is also necessary for cell generation, blood sugar regulation, digestion, and hormone function. Poor sleep will ultimately affect all of these things in a negative way. But it might not be necessary to resort to medication for proper sleeping. There are also natural remedies that can ensure proper sleep and help to check health issues.

4-7-8 deep breathing

Many people have actually heard of this very technique as it is all over the internet. It is a simple but effective remedy to boost peaceful sleep. The basic logic is to relax both mind and body in order to help to get better sleep. One should sit in a comfortable posture and breathe in till the count of for. One must hold it for the next seven counts only to exhale while counting to eight. In fact, many religions actually use this technique for prayer or meditation. It clams the body down which enables it to enjoy better sleep.

Sweet and salty

Natural sugar and salt have the capability to reduce cortisol levels in the body leading to a night of peaceful sleep. When it comes to natural sugars, maple syrup for sale is one of the best options. It comes with loads of health benefits of important antioxidants and without the side effects of refined sugar. Adding a sprinkle of natural salt to maple syrup helps to enjoy better sleep. One can add this mixture to chamomile tea as well.

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