June 15, 2024



Carbon laser peel is a harmless and painless technique that helps to remodel the skin texture to help it look younger, refreshing and mainly blemish free. This is the highly recommended treatment for people with acne prone skin, blackheads, oily skin, enlarged pores as well as dull skin. Carbon laser peel can help get rid of all these problems and assist you to get that glowing look you always desired.

  1. Carbon laser peel appears to be a great cleansing agent. This is because carbon works as an oil and contaminants absorber. It helps to remove or get rid of all the excess oil and dirt from our pores. Then, when the laser is passed through the face, it demolishes the carbon particle as well as removing all the unwanted contaminants together with it. Hence, we are left with a smooth, dirt free skin that is always soft and supple.
  2. Many believe that it is also an excellent exfoliating agent. This is because the carbon absorbs the blackheads as well as the dead skin cells. When the laser hits these carbon particles, it gets destroyed taking together the dead skin cells and blackheads with it. This helps create a more radiant skin with an evener skin tone that makes us look more refreshed.
  3. Not to forget, carbon peel laser helps rejuvenate the skin. This happens because the carbon laser helps target the deep layer of the skin and thus activating as well as stimulating the collagen to be produced. The increase in the amount of collagen helps develop a smoother, firmer and tighter skin. Thus, a younger look is achieved and at the same time, the face is free from wrinkles and fine lines.
  4. Carbon laser peel is also one of the main methods of getting rid of acne and reducing the oil produced by our face. This is because the heat produced by the laser treatment is able to kill the bacteria, Propionibacterium acnes, which is the main culprit responsible for producing acne. Moreover, this treatment can also help reduce the amount of sebum produced by the sebaceous gland that is responsible for making the face oily. With the help of this treatment, we can definitely resolve issued related to acne and oily skin.

  5. Another great benefit that is given to us by the carbon laser peel treatment is that it helps prevent wrinkles and fine lines. This is because the carbon laser peel treatment helps to penetrate to the deep layer of the skin and stimulate the collagen production. Following that, the skin becomes tighter and firmer thanks to the increasing rate of collagen. The quicker regeneration of our skin will help give the skin a more youthful appeal as well as keep our total skin cell structure healthier.
  6. Some people would get a little worried that this procedure might take hours and they might not have enough time. Well, fret not as this procedure is very quick and easy. Within minutes, your skin can achieve the benefits you desire. All you have to do is lie there as the experts will get on with their work and within a few minutes when it is all done you can carry on with your daily routine. That’s all and the best part is that it is pain-free.
  7. As we all know looking good brings about a great deal of patience. Well, not to worry as if this treatment is taken regularly, it can help bring about a more youthful appearance. It will look as if the years have been shaven off your age. You will get that young look you always desire and free from any sort of blemishes as well as radiant, soft and supple.

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