April 23, 2024

5 Simple And Practical Tips On How to Look Younger


The signs of aging can be minimized with these simple and practical tips.

Have you arrived in one place and felt that people did not notice your presence? Or did you wear the best outfit, but did not you feel attractive?

Many women are going through this now, at this time, in fact, what woman would not like to feel with a more youthful, beautiful and perceived look where to go? Without being ashamed of what you see in the mirror?

So if you are here it is because you are a person who takes care and concern about your appearance.

Such concerns reach more women after age 30.

However, with the practical and easy-to-implement tips presented in this post, it will be possible to minimize the signs of aging and look much younger.

So, check it out now:

1. Do You Sleep Well? Or Your Worries Make You Sleepy?

When you get worried about your job, college, kids, husband and others, can you sleep well?

And when you’re expecting some very good news or information that you’ll have access to in a short time, are you anxious to know?

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instragram, Youtube, so many windows and you get lost at the time of bedtime?

In fact, these paragraphs describe well the running and stressful world we are living in today.

But not sleeping is a great loss.

So here are some of the key benefits of a good night’s sleep in your life:

1.1 – Sleep relaxes the skin: Good night’s sleep are essential to ensure a more beautiful skin, without dark circles and automatically look younger. When you sleep well releases endorphins that have the role of leaving the skin looking better; and,

1.2 – Sleeping well slims: One of the main reasons for weight gain is precisely the hormonal imbalance.

While you sleep, your production of leptin, satiety, increases, while that of ghrelin, responsible for hunger, decreases. On the other hand, a few hours of sleep, the effect is the reverse, which promotes a slower metabolic rate, lower caloric burn and increased fat storage.

2. You’re Out What’s Inside, Did You Know?

How you feed defines your weight, health, appearance and longevity.

Eating quality foods in the right amount and frequency will set your metabolism to accelerate, otherwise you will have more fluid retention, bloating and that protruding tummy.

It is very simple to understand that when you take too much time to feed, you set your body into a state of scarcity. This is a type of defense that we have.

So when feeding at 5-hour intervals (or more) between meals, the brain’s command is for all food ingested to be turned into fat, which is a reserve of energy in a case of extreme scarcity.

Therefore, to look younger you are advised to feed yourself every 3 hours, consume fruits, vegetables, salads and hydrate yourself a lot. Avoid saturated fats as they can increase the oiliness of the skin.

Many fruits and vegetables are antioxidants and fight free radicals and factors that affect the skin and appearance.

You can make use of nutritional supplements like Herbalife, which foods consist of all the nutrients we need daily and therefore manage the weight and nourish the skin with protein, providing a more youthful appearance.

3. Wear Sunscreen

The ozone layer is getting thinner, and we are increasingly exposed to the sun’s rays, precisely because of this there has never been as much case of skin cancer, cataract as in the present day.

Therefore, the use of sunscreen is essential to minimize exposure to ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) and infrared rays, even on sunny days.

Facial sunscreen penetrates the skin and helps in moisturizing and, if your skin is dry, can intensify the result of the moisturizer.

Due to many years of exposure of the skin to the sun’s rays, the collagen and elastin fibers, responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin, wear more quickly, which promotes wrinkles, lines of expression and spots.

Speaking of spots, UVA rays are the cause of the spots that appear on our skin after sunbathing without any protection.

So generally, it is best to wear sunscreen at least twice a day, preferably after bathing.

Want to look young in a practical way? Use sunscreen!

4. What Is The Importance Of Having A Well-Moisturized Skin?

Perhaps the younger appearance is just one of the major benefits of practicing skin hydration, but there is another motivation as important as … that is to prevent the onset of various diseases.

Applying the facial hydrant soon after bathing is a good way to maintain a more beautiful, healthy looking and younger looking skin. This holds true for women of all ages!

Anti-aging creams can be used by women as young as age 35 as a good way to prevent the signs of aging.

As we age, our skin becomes thinner, facilitating greater evaporation of the water present in the skin to the external environment.

The sebaceous glands also reduce their production capacity, decreasing the amount of sebum on the surface of the skin, facilitating the evaporation of water in the skin.

It should be remembered that sebum has an insulating and water retention function.

Therefore, moisturize your skin at least twice a day.

5. Why Should You Bathe Every Day?

Do you know people who even in the heat take hot bath? Lol

We’re laughing, but we know there are people like this … Right?

The great truth is that a good hot bath can be relaxing!

Some doctors and scientists believe that you should give up this comfort and proceed to challenge yourself directly under an icy shower.

With the advancing age, our skin no longer returns quickly to the normal state, so when we undergo a hot bath our skin does not have the same elasticity.

And one of the main effects of a hot bath is the possibility of leaving your skin looking red and swollen.

Cold water bath is beneficial!

Because it improves blood circulation, producing more oxygen, hormones and nutrients throughout the body.

Also the icy shower promotes the feeling of staying awake and alert for many hours. This sensation is able to diminish pains in the body, besides improving the humor and the concentration until the end of the day.

Did you like the tips to look younger?! Put them into practice from now on and share with someone else!

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