July 24, 2024

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Sedation Dentistry in Victoria


Are you suffering from dental anxiety? Do you always cringe at the sound of dental tools? Are you having any terrible gag reflex that prevents you from seeing your dentist on a regular basis, as recommended by the dental practitioners? If yes, then IV sedation will be of great help to you. Many people are known to deal with dental anxiety, general fear of a dentist or just a sensitive gag reflex and this is where sleep dentistry, which includes IV sedation, comes in handy.

Sedation dentistry involves using sedatives when undergoing dental treatment. The options available include inhaled sedation, general anesthesia, oral and IV sedation. In case you have anxiety about visiting a dentist, you can consider an IV sedation dentist in Victoria

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider an IV sedation dentist in Victoria:

1. Helps Relieve Anxiety

One main benefit of sedation dentistry is that it helps relieve anxiety that most people feel during dental appointments. There are people who will feel a little nervous while others will be so anxious that they postpone or cancel their dental appointments. The more anxious one feels the more they will benefit from sedation dentistry to help them relieve anxiety.

For those individuals suffering from severe dental anxiety, a professional dentist in Victoria may mean all the difference between accessing dental care and avoiding it. There are several sedation dentistry patients who might never see a dentist in Victoria without sedation.

2. No Memories of the Procedure

For most individuals, dental anxiety is known to get worse whenever they visit a dentist in Victoria. In certain cases, memories of a bad experience when a patient was young keep on coming back whenever they visit a dentist. However, with several types of sedation currently available, memories of the dental procedure can be hazy or completely forgotten. This will prevent dental anxiety from reinforcing itself.

3. Reduced Gag Reflex

It is advisable for one to have a functional gag reflex to help in protecting themselves from inhaling anything apart from air. There are cases when the gag reflex can be too sensitive and having a dentist in Victoria work inside your mouth can increase the gag reflex. This will make it harder for the dentist to perform all the necessary work. However, with an IV sedation dentist in Victoria, the gag reflex is reduced, thus enabling the execution of the necessary dental procedures. In addition, the sedation makes it possible for a dentist to work more efficiently since the patient will be more comfortable during the entire procedure.

4. Faster Treatment

There are times when treatment can be completed in fewer sessions when sedation dentistry is used. In complex treatments like smile makeovers, this benefit can be of great importance, since it will make the treatment process more convenient for the patients, as they will need fewer sessions.

5. Have a problem with sitting still?

There are patients who are not able to sit for long periods or have disabilities. Such patients are greatly helped by sedation dentistry. When the body is relaxed, the mind is also relaxed and this makes the procedure smooth and achievable. Fidgety patients can also benefit from mild sedation treatment administered at the clinically acceptable levels.

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