June 14, 2024

5 Reasons to Visit a Reputable Aesthetic Doctor in Singapore


The inherent suppleness of our skin and its collagen synthesis decline as we age. Hence, it is more necessary than ever to begin taking care of our skin. A medical aesthetic clinic can assist you in taking advantage of the most cutting-edge anti-ageing therapies now accessible. Here are the five benefits of visiting an aesthetic doctor at a reputable Singapore clinic.

#1 Receive Acne Treatment

Acne will go away on its own during your adolescence. However, it might worsen as we get older. I have always despised getting acne breakouts since I was an adolescent. Going to a medical cosmetic clinic to get acne treatment may get rid of them successfully without using harsh chemicals or undergoing surgery. However, not all aesthetic acne treatment courses at reputable Singapore clinics will work for everyone.

#2 Get Brighter & Healthier Skin Tone

Bacteria settling on your face go after existing dead cells. It causes them to turn dark brown or black, ruining my natural complexion and skin tone. An aesthetic doctor at a reputable Singapore clinic uses cutting-edge technology to eliminate various causes of blemishes while protecting healthy skin cells. Most procedures will also restore, replenish and stimulate the production of naturally occurring chemicals that keep your skin healthy, young and glowing.

#3 Cleanse Pores

Depending on your skin type, a medical aesthetic clinic can provide various procedures such as facials, chemical peels, and more to address skin concerns. All these therapies intend to prevent the indications of premature ageing induced by sun exposure and free radical damage. Another advantage is that you will have clean pores following the aesthetic treatment at the Singapore clinic.

#4 Treatment for Wrinkle Prevention

One of the essential advantages of visiting an aesthetic or collagen clinic for skin care treatment is wrinkle prevention. It may slow down the ageing process and restore your appearance. Failing to protect your skin from the sun and other environmental variables will produce wrinkles that can lower self-esteem. It is why paying regular visits to an aesthetic or collagen clinic for skin care treatment is essential for me. They help me monitor any changes in my skin and propose a specific procedure to address various issues.

#5 Rejuvenate Skin with Various Procedures

Stress, bad food, and a lack of sleep may all cause our skin to dry and become rough. If you are in your 20s or 30s, you can tell your skin is starting to age when you see lines and wrinkles. It is because our bodies begin to produce less collagen, a crucial protein for maintaining the flexibility of our skin. Hence, I recommend visiting a medical aesthetic or collagen clinic to make your skin sparkle again.

I pay Dr Kenneth Lee regular visits at Dr Plus Aesthetic Clinic to address skin-ageing concerns. He worked in numerous hospitals in Singapore, rotating among medical and surgical divisions. As an aesthetic and regenerative medicine practitioner, he believes that ageing is related to considerable collagen loss. Hence, he established a collagen clinic to help people address this concern. Visit Dr Plus Aesthetic Clinic’s website to learn more about Dr Lee, his clinic and the procedures they offer.

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