June 15, 2024

3 Things You Can Do When You Have Hearing Impairment


There may be a situation where you can hear everything around you just fine but suddenly lose that ability the next day. When we have had complete working senses for all of our lives, losing one of them out of the blue can be terrifying and disorienting. Hearing impairment can occur when you get an ear infection, damage to the inner ear, a ruptured eardrum, and a gradual buildup of earwax. A lot of situations can cause these things to happen to your ears, so it’s always best to avoid that possibility from happening.

If you aren’t able to prevent this from happening, you might be wondering what the next step would be. Going to a doctor is a no-brainer, but it would still be better if you knew what solutions are available for your hearing problem before doing so. Here is a list of what you can do when you become hard of hearing.

1. Get A Hearing Aid Or Cochlear Implants

Getting a hearing aid or cochlear implant is the most commonly known treatment for hearing loss. Although it does require you to spend more of your money, the costs are all worth it in the end once you realise that these devices are the only way to get your ability to hear back. It may not completely restore it, but it can save you the trouble of learning sign language if you are frustrated with it. If you’re wondering how do hearing aids work, an audiologist can give you a clear answer. However, cochlear implants are more suitable for you if you have severe hearing loss since they bypass the damaged parts of your inner ear and directly stimulate your hearing nerve.

To make hearing aids comfortable to wear, it is recommended that you take an ear impression in Singapore. A soft silicone material will be injected into your ear, and once it hardens after a few minutes, it will produce an exact replica of your ear’s shape. This gives the audiologists a chance to make your hearing aids fit perfectly.

2. Remove Wax

Earwax blockage is a cause of hearing loss that can easily be fixed. Using a suction or a different tool, your doctor can remove the earwax blocking your inner ear. Once the wax is terminated, you’ll hear clearly like before. Some people are lucky that their hearing impairment was only caused by wax, while others are not. Thankfully, they are still given a chance to improve their hearing through various methods.

3. Surgery

There are kinds of hearing loss that can be treated with the help of surgery. Bones of hearing, abnormalities of the eardrum, and repeated infections that involve persistent fluid would most likely require surgery if the audiologist in Singapore advises it.

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