June 14, 2024

Why getting the right condom makes all the difference?


An ill-fitting condom does more harm than good. This article looks at the importance of getting the perfect condom.

Condoms are one of the best ever inventions of the 20th Century. We’re saying this with good reason: they offer protection against sexual infections, they are a good birth control method, they are easy to use, and using them does not cause any pain or discomfort to either of the sexual partners.

Plus, the best kinds of condoms are designed to provide stimulation, and even mimic the skin-on-skin sensation that you crave during sex. So why wouldn’t you use them?

Get the right fit

Now that we’ve established how important and convenient condoms are for sex, it’s time to guide you through the reasons why you need to get the right fit for the best sex:

* Too loose: You might pick a condom that is bigger than your penis. This often happens if you shop for them abroad. Western sizes are different than Asian ones, with the condoms often being larger. A loose condom has every chance of slipping off during sex. It might even ‘bunch up’ and cause discomfort. Pick an Asian size and try the condom beforehand to ascertain if it’s the right fit.

* Too tight: On the other hand, a condom that’s tight constricts the penis and makes the act painful. The other danger of a tight condom is that it might tear during sex, and cause ejaculate to spill out into the vagina. The problem of tight condoms occurs with men whose penises are larger than average, and who buy standard sizes instead of one suited to them.

Get the right type

There is no dearth of condom brands in India, but not all of them offer the best in terms of ease of use and texture. Only leading brands offer stimulation, thinness, superb flexibility and even delayed climax.

* Stimulation: Look for ribbed and dotted condoms that enhance pleasure for her.

* Flavoured: These are great for oral sex, and to maximize excitement for both partners.

* Extra time: These help in delaying climax for you, while speeding her up! The condom is lubed on the inside, so you can go on for longer.

* Thin: Couples who dislike the feel of regular condoms should opt for super thin ones. These are really thin, to provide the closest skin-on-skin contact that you desire. However, they are quite flexible so there is no chance of tearing or bursting during use.

What else do you need for good sex?

An intimate setting, lots of lube and a willingness to try new things. Lube will make the experience even more sensual, by reducing friction and creating different sensations. Plus, it can be used with condoms and even rubbed all over the body.

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